buttonMika @ Zepp Tokyo (8th June '10)

Mika Mika
Mika Mika Mika
Mika Mika Mika
Mika Mika Mika
Mika Mika Mika

photos by sam
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buttonphoto report : (10/06/08 @ Zepp Tokyo ) : photo by sam
buttonphoto report : (10/06/07 @ Zepp Tokyo ) : photo by izumikuma
buttonポップ肯定論 (09/11/30 @ Shinkiba Studio Coast) : review by satori
buttonみんなの、ミーカ (08/02/28 @ Brixton Academy, London) : review and photos by kaori
buttonワンダーワールドはキリの良い所までが丁度良い (07/06/24 @ Glastonbury Festival, Pilton) : review by kaori, photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/06/24 @ Glastonbury Festival, Pilton) : photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/03/15 @ Eternal, Austin TX) : photos by keco

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buttonMiss Li (24th Mar. @ Joe's Pub, NY)
buttonBalkan Beat Box (13th Mar. @ Webstar Hall, NY)
buttonPeelander-Z (6th Mar. @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY)
buttonFlogging Molly (2nd Mar. @ Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)
buttonUnder G vol.001 feat. Lazy Guns Brisky, Detroit7 & Slunky Side (23rd Jan. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonRodrigo Y Gabriela (14th Jan. @ Zepp Tokyo)


buttonTakasaki "Count Down Meister" Gig!!(2009=>2010) :Daisharin / The Subterraneans / Ricolt / Hideyoshi (31st Dec. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonYo La Tengo(16th Dec. @Shibuya O-East)
buttonPeelander-Z(8th Dec. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonThe John's Guerrilla(11th Nov. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonA Flood Of Circle / Ing(8th Nov. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDetroit7(23rd Oct. @Shimokitazawa Garden)
buttonSlunky Side(16th Oct. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonColosseum vol.002 : intro & overall view (26th , 27th) feat. Daisharin , The Cherry Cokes, Naika MC , Tick , Tengu , The Subterraneans , Harachika-Greco , Broken The Blue, Yuuki , Baishou Matsumoto , Rega , Brag-Flashlamp , Hawaiian6 , G-Freak Factory(26th - 27th Sep. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonThe Captains(23rd Sep. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonTouch-Me(17th Sep. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonAimee Mann(25th Aug. @Shibuya AX)
buttonMongol800(11th Aug. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDetroit7(18th Jul. @Daikanyama Unit)
buttonKenichi Asai(28th Jun. @Hitomi Memorial Hall Showa Women's University)
buttonThe Mirraz(26th Jun. @Shibuya Eggman)
buttonLily Allen(5th Jun. @Shibuya O-East)
buttonA Flood Of Circle(29th May. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonPeelander-Z(16th May. @The Studio at Webstar Hall , NY)
buttonThe Captains(4th May. @Gunma Ongaku Center)
buttonOasis / Quattro (29th Mar. @Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat.Blue King Brown / Juliette & The New Romantique / Geeks / Let's Wrestle / Meat Pupetts / Vivian Girls / Bo-Peep / Detroit 7 (Japan Nite) / Pilar Díaz / Detroit 7(FXFY) / Monotonix / Peelander-Z / PJ Harvey & John Parish / Birthday Suits / The Emeralds / Over All View / (18th to 22nd Mar. @ Austin, Texas)
buttonItto Rokken Roll Kanto Tour :The Subterraneans / The Easy Walkers / TYO (13th Mar. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDetroit Rock City vol.2 :Scarlet / Bugy Craxone / Detroit 7 (27th Feb. @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel)
buttonSlunky Side(10th Feb. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonPrimal Scream(28th Jan. @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonSherbets(12th Jan. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)
buttonMogwai / Remember Remember (11th Jan. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)


buttonSherbets (31st Dec. @ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (28th Dec. @ Makuhari Messe)
buttonLazy Guns Brisky (21st Dec. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonWhat's Going On vol.6 :The Novembers / A Flood Of Circle (7th Dec. @ Shimokitazawa Shelter)
buttonI Scream vol.2 :G- Freak Factory / River / HIdeyoshi (6th Dec. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonSherbets (4th Dec. @ Akasaka Blitz)
buttonKiller Mitchy's (5th Nov. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonThe Emeralds (5th Nov. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonThe Emeralds (3rd Nov. @ Shinsaibashi Sun Hall)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (27th Oct. @ Osaka Muse)
buttonThee 50's High Teens (31st Oct. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (27th Oct. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonBig Beat Carnival with Junzi Ikehata feat. Dee Dee Fever, Hiroyuki Hanada, Kazuyuki Kuhara & Yusuke Chiba of the Birthday, Ryo Ishibashi of ARB, Heatwave, Sion with Bun Matsuda, Kenichi Asai (Jude) & Rock'n'Roll Gypsies(26th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonThe Captains (25th Oct. @ Shinjuku ACB Hall)
buttonThe Emeralds (21st Sep. @ Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio)
buttonAnime Weekend Atlanta :The Emeralds / The Captains / Tsushimamire (20th Sep. @ Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta)
buttonJapan Noodle Fever Tour 2008 :The Emeralds / The Captains / Peelander-Z (19th Sep. @ Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta)

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