@ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro (14th Apr. '10)

Manafest ManafestManafest
ManafestManafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest
ManafestManafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest
Manafest Manafest



-- Set List --

01. 4-3-2-1 / 02. Don't Turn Away / 03. Top Of The World / 04. Avalanche / 05. Supernatural / 06. Steppin' Out / 07. Bounce / 08. Impossible / 09. Every Time You Run / 10. So Beautiful / 11. The Chase / 12. No Plan B / 13. Bring The Ruckus / 14. Droppin' Hammers / 15. Fire In The Kitchen

-- Encore --

16. Retro Love / 17. Renegade

comment and photos by takumi
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