buttonJapan Nite US tour 2010
@Bowery Ballroom, NY (21st Mar. '10)

- Red Bacteria Vacuum -

Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum Red Bacteria Vacuum
Red Bacteria Vacuum

photos by sam
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Red Bacteria Vacuum

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Red Bacteria Vacuum

"Dolly Dolly,Make a epoch"

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buttonBalkan Beat Box (13th Mar. @ Webstar Hall, NY)
buttonPeelander-Z (6th Mar. @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY)
buttonFlogging Molly (2nd Mar. @ Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)
buttonUnder G vol.001 feat. Lazy Guns Brisky, Detroit7 & Slunky Side (23rd Jan. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonRodrigo Y Gabriela (14th Jan. @ Zepp Tokyo)


buttonTakasaki "Count Down Meister" Gig!!(2009=>2010) :Daisharin / The Subterraneans / Ricolt / Hideyoshi (31st Dec. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonYo La Tengo(16th Dec. @Shibuya O-East)
buttonPeelander-Z(8th Dec. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonThe John's Guerrilla(11th Nov. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonA Flood Of Circle / Ing(8th Nov. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDetroit7(23rd Oct. @Shimokitazawa Garden)
buttonSlunky Side(16th Oct. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonColosseum vol.002 : intro & overall view (26th , 27th) feat. Daisharin , The Cherry Cokes, Naika MC , Tick , Tengu , The Subterraneans , Harachika-Greco , Broken The Blue, Yuuki , Baishou Matsumoto , Rega , Brag-Flashlamp , Hawaiian6 , G-Freak Factory(26th - 27th Sep. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonThe Captains(23rd Sep. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonTouch-Me(17th Sep. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonAimee Mann(25th Aug. @Shibuya AX)
buttonMongol800(11th Aug. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDetroit7(18th Jul. @Daikanyama Unit)
buttonKenichi Asai(28th Jun. @Hitomi Memorial Hall Showa Women's University)
buttonThe Mirraz(26th Jun. @Shibuya Eggman)
buttonLily Allen(5th Jun. @Shibuya O-East)
buttonA Flood Of Circle(29th May. @Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonPeelander-Z(16th May. @The Studio at Webstar Hall , NY)
buttonThe Captains(4th May. @Gunma Ongaku Center)
buttonOasis / Quattro (29th Mar. @Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat.Blue King Brown / Juliette & The New Romantique / Geeks / Let's Wrestle / Meat Pupetts / Vivian Girls / Bo-Peep / Detroit 7 (Japan Nite) / Pilar Díaz / Detroit 7(FXFY) / Monotonix / Peelander-Z / PJ Harvey & John Parish / Birthday Suits / The Emeralds / Over All View / (18th to 22nd Mar. @ Austin, Texas)
buttonItto Rokken Roll Kanto Tour :The Subterraneans / The Easy Walkers / TYO (13th Mar. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDetroit Rock City vol.2 :Scarlet / Bugy Craxone / Detroit 7 (27th Feb. @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel)
buttonSlunky Side(10th Feb. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonPrimal Scream(28th Jan. @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonSherbets(12th Jan. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)
buttonMogwai / Remember Remember (11th Jan. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)


buttonSherbets (31st Dec. @ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (28th Dec. @ Makuhari Messe)
buttonLazy Guns Brisky (21st Dec. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonWhat's Going On vol.6 :The Novembers / A Flood Of Circle (7th Dec. @ Shimokitazawa Shelter)
buttonI Scream vol.2 :G- Freak Factory / River / HIdeyoshi (6th Dec. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonSherbets (4th Dec. @ Akasaka Blitz)
buttonKiller Mitchy's (5th Nov. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonThe Emeralds (5th Nov. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonThe Emeralds (3rd Nov. @ Shinsaibashi Sun Hall)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (27th Oct. @ Osaka Muse)
buttonThee 50's High Teens (31st Oct. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (27th Oct. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonBig Beat Carnival with Junzi Ikehata feat. Dee Dee Fever, Hiroyuki Hanada, Kazuyuki Kuhara & Yusuke Chiba of the Birthday, Ryo Ishibashi of ARB, Heatwave, Sion with Bun Matsuda, Kenichi Asai (Jude) & Rock'n'Roll Gypsies(26th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonThe Captains (25th Oct. @ Shinjuku ACB Hall)
buttonThe Emeralds (21st Sep. @ Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio)
buttonAnime Weekend Atlanta :The Emeralds / The Captains / Tsushimamire (20th Sep. @ Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta)
buttonJapan Noodle Fever Tour 2008 :The Emeralds / The Captains / Peelander-Z (19th Sep. @ Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta)

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