button Juke Joint 4th Anniversary
" Sion & The Cat Scratch Combo VS The 50Kaitenz "
@ Sapporo Bessie Hall (5th Mar. '10)

- The 50Kaitenz -

The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ) The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ) The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ) The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)
The 50Kaitenz(ザ50回転ズ)

photos by q_ta
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buttonphoto report (10/03/05 @ Sapporo Bessie Hall : photos by q_ta
button贈る言葉 (10/01/30 @ Akasaka Blitz) : review by nob
buttonphoto report (10/01/09 @ Kawasaki Club Citta) : photos by ryota
button回転するバンド・ライフ (09/12/19 @ Kichijoji Rock Joint GB) : review by nob,
buttonロックンロールを噴き上げろ! (09/12/05 @ Shimokitazawa Garden) : review by nob,
button人も心も動く (09/11/17 @ Shibuya Club Quattro) : review by nob, photos by ryota
button芸人とタメ張れるバンド (09/10/03 @ Shinjuku Loft) : review by nob
button密度の濃いハコで (09/10/01 @ Shimokitazawa Shelter) : review by nob, photos by ryota
buttonお前が楽しい以上に、俺はもっと楽しい (09/09/10 @ Shinjuku Loft) : review by nob
button天才ロックンロール・アスリート (09/08/02 on Seaside Stage, Rock in Japan'09 @ Hitachi Kaihin Park) : review by nob, photos by ryota

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button 2010

buttonThe 50kaitenz (5th Mar. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonSion (5th Mar. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)

button 2009

buttonSun Set Live 2009 feat. The explosions / Leyona / Masaki Ueda with Sly & Robbie / Ban Ban Bazar / Tomohiro Higashida / Osaka Monaurail / overall photo document
buttonOasis (22nd Mar. @ Makomanai Sekisuiheim Ice Arena)
buttonThe 50kaitenz (22nd Feb. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonSherbets (18th Jun. @ Sapporo Penny Lane24)

button 2008

buttonSion (5th Dec. @ Sapporo Cube Garden)
buttonPe'zmoku (22nd Oct. @ Zepp Sappopro)
buttonGheee (13rd Apr. @ Asahikawa Casino Drive)

button 2007

buttonMaximum the Hormone (30th Sept. @ Zepp Sappopro)
buttonUri Nakayama (27th Sept. @ Sappopro Kraps Hall)
buttonMagical Camp 2007 feat,Hitomitoi, Dub Ainu Band, Miyuki Hatakeyama (1st Sep. @ Sapporo Teine)
buttonPe'z (25th Aug. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonUri Nakayama( 17th Aug. @ Rising Sun Rock Festival 2007 in Ezo)
buttonKenichi Asai (16th Jul. @ Sapporo Factory Hall)
buttonGlastonbury Festival feat. Amy Winehouse / Arcade Fire / Pama International / Madness / !!!(chk chk chk) / Mahala Rai Banda - Electric Gypsyland / La Kinky Beat / Gossip, The
buttonThe 50 Kaitenz (6th Jun. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonMIlkteath (18th May. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonKenichi Asai (27th Apr. @ Asahikawa Casino Drive)
buttonPE'Z (21st Apr. @ Sapporo Penny Lane24)
buttonThe 50 Kaitenz (21st Apr. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonMaster Low (17th Apr. @ Sapporo Penny Lane24)
buttonUri Nakayama (17th Mar. @ Hakodate Kanamori Hall)
buttonDonavon Frankenreiter (18th Feb. @ Sapporo Zanaedu)
buttonSakerock (31st Jun. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonNo Matter Live feat.Locofrank, Acidman, 10-Feet, Kemuri (28th Jun. @ Zepp Sapporo)

button 2006

button50 Kaitens (27th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonMo'some Tonebender (25th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonCorner, Keiichi Sokabe BAND (20th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonBan Ban Bazar (18th Nov. @ Hall Bridge)
buttonRock'n'Roll Gypsies (17th Nov. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonTomohiro Kondo, Matsutakeya Kiyoshi and Emerson Kitamura (17th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonGekkou Green, Milkteath, Bazra (12nd Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
button10-Feet (11st Nov. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonSion (10th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonCarrie (5th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonSparta Locals (1st Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonKeiichi Asai (11st Oct. @ Sapporo Factory Hall)
buttonBazra (23th Sept. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonPrimal Scream (16th Sept. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonRising Sun Rock Festival in EZO feat. Bazra / Misako Odani / Rock'n'Roll Gypsies / Jaian / DMBQ, Locofrank / Shinya Oe / Mo'some Tonebender / Guitar Wolf / Radio Caroline / Back Drop Bomb(18th to 18th Aug.)
buttonMaximum the Hormone (16th Jul. @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24)
buttonOshiripenpenz (16th Jul. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonFire Starter Special feat.Mo'some Tonebender, Overground Acoustic Underground, 10-Feet, Bloodthirsty Butchers (15th Jul. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonTomohiro Kondo (10th Jul. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonHawaiian6 (27th Jun. @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24)
buttonSion with Bun Matsuda (18th May. @ aibic)
buttonFatboy Slim (17th May. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonNeoceratodus "satsuki"feat.
Nisennenmondai, Ash Ra School, Kakuni (11st May. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonEastern Youth (25th Apr. @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24)
buttonCandies (11th Feb. @ Klub ZAK, Gdansk)
buttonCandies (4th Feb. @ ICA, London)
buttonCandies (28th Jan. @ Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff)
buttonHatch Hatchell (14th Jan. @ Higashi Kouenji UFO Club)
buttonCandies (14th Jan. @ Yokohama Sotetsu Honda Theatre)

button 2005

buttonKemuri (27th Nov. @ Zepp Sapporo)
button Hawaiian6 (20th Nov'. @ Zepp Sapporo)
button Kiyoshi Matsutakeya and Chocolate Dandies (6th Nov. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonTheatre Brook (16th Sept. @ Sapporo PENNY LANE 24)
buttonHawaiian6 (18th Aug'. @ Sapporo Klub Counter Action)
buttonUchu Rock DokuDoku Night (24th Jul. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge) feat. hydroguru, Zuinoshin
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (24th Jul. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (23th Jul. @ Susukino-810)
buttonPealout (18th Jun. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonEastern Youth (12th Jun. @ Zeep Sapporo)
buttonFire Sterter (11th Jun. @ Tomakomai Ongakukan) feat.New Roteka, 10-Feet
buttonM.J.Q@ (10th Jun. @ Sapporo Klub Counter Action)
buttonAfrarimpo@ (1st Jun. @ Sapporo Spiritual Lounge)
buttonMaximum the Hormone@ (28th May. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonDexied The Emons@ (23th May. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonLong Shot Party@ (13th May. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonMilkteath@ (24th Apr. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonThe Surf Coasters@ (24th Apr. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonNon-Drags@ (24th Apr. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonSpata Locals@ (27th Mar. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonSion (11th Mar. @ LIQUID ROOM ebisu)
buttonDan Hicks (20th Feb. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonZoobombs (18th Feb. @ Sapporo Spiritual Lounge)
buttonPot Shot (5th Feb. @ Zeep Sapporo)
button Maximum the Hormone (5th Feb. @ Zeep Sapporo)
buttonKemuri (5th Feb. @ Zeep Sapporo)
buttonHusking Bee (5th Feb. @ Zeep Sapporo)
buttonEastern Youth (31th Jan. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (30th Jan. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (29th Jan. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonGRiP (24th Jan. @ Sapporo Colony)
button10-Feet (11th Jan. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)

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