buttonMiki Furukawa
@ Shindaita Fever (29th Jan. '10)

Miki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa Miki FurukawaMiki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa
Miki Furukawa

photos by izumikuma
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buttonCamera Obscura with Ogre You Asshole and Miki Furukawa (29th Jan. @ Shindaita Fever)
buttonCamera Obscura with 4 Bonjour's Parties, Hideki Kaji, and Struggle For Pride (28th Jan. @ Shindaita Fever)
buttonFountains of Wayne (19th Jan. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonTinted Windows (15th Jan. @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange)


buttonSuper Furry Animals (26th Nov. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonSuper Furry Animals (24th Nov. @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonFranz Ferdinand with Kissogram (9th Nov @ Tokyo Kokusai Forum)
buttonThe Cribs (21st Oct @ Akasaka Blitz)
buttonJoshua James (13th Oct @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange)
buttonEmmy The Great (13th Oct @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange)
buttonThe Wonder Stuff (10th Sept @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonThe Green Man Festival feat. Emmy the Great , Gang Gang Dance, British Sea Power , Peggy Sue , Animal Collective , Cate Le Bon, Richard James, The Phtantom Band , Jonny, The Aliens, Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Jarvis Cocker ,9 Bach, Rozi Plain, Three Craws, The Pictish Trail, Camera Obscura, The Yellow Moon Band, Dirty Three, Wilco, Hawkwind (21st to 23rd August @ Glanusk Park, Crickhowell, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK)
buttonManda Rin (13th July @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel)
buttonMagma (28th May @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonWhite Lies (23rd April @ Harajuku Astro Hall)
buttonBeck (26th Mar. @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonOasis (20th Mar. @ Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls)
buttonDuffy (17th Mar. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonTravis (27th Feb. @ Tokyo Kokusai Forum)
buttonThe High Llamas with Masa and Shugo Tokumaru(20th Feb. @ Shibuya O-West)
buttonFranz Ferdinand (10th Feb. @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonKeith (25th Jan. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonGlasvegas (20th Jan. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)


buttonThe Music (9th Nov. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)
buttonRachael Dadd (1st Nov. @ Shimokitazawa La Cana)
buttonRachael Dadd (31st Oct. @ Ikebukuro Polkadots)
buttonDuglas T Stewart of BMX Bandits with The Boostars, 4 Bonjour's Parties, and Advantage Lucy(25th Oct. @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonRachael Dadd (12th Oct. @ Osaka millibar)
buttonFaust (6th Sept. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonThe Green Man Festival feat. Mugstar, James Yorkston, Fuck Buttons, Sennen, King Creosote, Drive-By-Truckers, Spiritualized , Cate Le Bon, 9 Bach, The Yellow Moon Band, Fence Collective, Super Furry Animals, Radio Luxembourg, The Accidental, The Peth, Magik Markers & Caribou(15th to 17th August @ Glanusk Park, Crickhowell, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK)
buttonThe Courteeners (20th May @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMalcolm Middleton (18th May @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonThe Music (1st May @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonAlly Kerr with Plectrum, Hitoshi Arai(6th April @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonThe Pigeon Detectives (25th Mar. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonKT Tunstall (9th Mar. @ Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball)
buttonIan Brown (6th Mar. @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonBjörk (19th Feb. @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonSufjan Stevens (22nd Jan. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonKula Shaker (16th Jan. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonCaribou (13th Jan. @ Daikanyama Unit)


buttonGossip with OOIOO(20th Dec. @ Shibuya O-West)
buttonSuper Furry Animals (10th Nov. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonSuper Furry Animals (9th Nov. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMumm-Ra (1st Nov. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Cribs (25th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonFountains of Wayne (16th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMalajube , 1990s(4th Oct. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonBattles (1st Oct. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)

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