buttonBrutal Truth Vs Converge
Brutal Truth @ Osaka Big Cat (17th Dec. '09)

Brutal Truth
Brutal TruthBrutal Truth Brutal TruthBrutal Truth
Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth Brutal TruthBrutal Truth
Brutal Truth
Brutal TruthBrutal Truth Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth Brutal Truth
Brutal Truth


-- Set List --

01. Sugar Daddy / 02. Turmoil / 03. Daydreamer / 04. Dementia / 05. K.A.P. / 06. Vision / 07. On The Hunt / 08. Fist In Mouth / 09. Get A Therapist / 10. Godplayer / 11. Turn Face / 12. Choice of a New Generation / 13. Evolution / 14. Attack Dog / 15. Global Good Guy / 16. Branded / 17. Blind Leading the Blind / 18. Pass Some Down / 19. Kill Trend Suicide / 20. Itch / 21. Afterworld / 22. Lifer / 23. Birth Of Ignorance / 24. Stench of Profit / 25. Time / 26. Walking Corpse / 27. Collateral Damage / 28. I Killed My Family / 29. Deadsmart

comment and photos by takumi
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Brutal Truth

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Brutal Truth

"Evolution Through Revolution"
(国内盤 / US import / 12 inch Analog / iTunes)

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