button080808+1 Triple Eight

8otto @ Kobe Zink (22nd - 23rd Aug. '09)

8otto 8otto 8otto
8otto 8otto
8otto 8otto 8otto 8otto



-- 080808+1(トリプルエイト)出演者 --

14:00~14:35 8otto
15:00~15:40 Riddim Saunter
16:10~16:50 Frontier Backyard
17:20~18:10 モーモールルギャバン
18:40~19:30 Lostage
20:00~20:50 My Way May Love
20:50~0:00 Dope DJ's Spinning !!!!!
1st Session by Toshiharu Aoyama (Public Cafe)、Dawa (Flake Records)、中尾憲太郎(ex.Number Girl)、K∞Suke (Nasy Records)0:00~0:30 Special Midnite Session.." Tribute To The Clash " by 080808 All Stars

1:00~1:50 Eerectionn
2:20~3:10 マッカーサーアコンチ
3:30~4:30 8otto
4:30~6:30 Dope DJ's Spinning!!!!!
2nd Session / Juice Magazine presents "Good Juicy Morning!! in Kobe", DJ Hayashi Spins.
6:30~9:30 ".........Siesta to Breakfast" 3 hours of Special art exhibition by Art Yard
9:30~10:10 Gear
10:30~11:10 Orange Stones
11:30~12:10 Jinny Oops!
13:00~13:50 Kacica
14:20~15:10 The High Streets
15:40~16:30 ワッツーシゾンビ
17:00~17:50 つしまみれ
18:20~19:10 Mo'Some Tonebender
19:10~20:00 DJ by Toshiharu Aoyama
20:00~21:00 8otto

comment and photos by hiroshi
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buttonphoto report(07/01/16 @ Shimokitazawa Shelter) : photos by sam

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button8otto, Lostage, Kacica, Jinny Oops!(22nd - 23rd Aug. @ Kobe Zink)
buttonGoodluckheiwa(5th Jly. @ Kyouto Takutaku)
buttonA Flood Of Circle(26th Jun. @ Juso Fandango)
buttonMagma(30th May. @ Osaka Big Cat)
button絵本の国から届いた音色カニナ(30th May)
buttonTower of Power(24th May. @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonHumbert Humbert(24th May. @ Namba Hatch)
buttonRock on the Rock 2009 feat. Ogre You Asshole,Rega,Rovo, 24-twofour-,Goodluckheiwa,Motohiro Hata(16-17th May. @ Mikawa Bay Resort Linx Beach)
buttonBeck(25th Mar. @ NHK Hall)
buttonOasis(24th Mar. @ Intex Osaka)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat.Aqualung / This Will Destroy You / Efterklang / Gomez / Vijay Kishore / Cale Parks / Rolo Tomassi / The Cannabinoids feat. Erykah Badu / Explosions in the Sky / Used, The / (18th to 22nd Mar. @ Austin, Texas)
buttonMono(14th Mar. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonComeback My Daughters,8otto (28th Feb. @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonPrimal Scream (1st Feb. @ Zepp Osaka)
buttonSiberian Newspaper (1st Feb. @ Hep Hall)
buttonGlasvegas (21st Jan. @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonMogwai,Remember Remember(14th Jan. @ Osaka Big Cat)


button8otto, Neconemuru, Lostage, The Chef Cooks Me(27th Dec. @ Juso Fandango)
buttonAkainu(23th Dec. @ Juso Fandango)
buttonYomoya(7th Dec. @ Juso Fandango)
buttonTe', 8otto(6th Dec. @ Osaka Shangri-La)
buttonMudy on the Sakuban(23th Nov. @ Juso Fandango)
buttonOgre You Asshole(22th Nov. @ Juso Fandango)
buttonLostage(19th Nov. @ Umeda Shangri-La)
buttonAudio Safari(15th Nov. @ Kyoto Ekimae Hiroba)
buttonSgt.(9th Nov. @ Unagidani Sunsui)
buttonSoulkids(9th Nov. @ Namba Rockets)
buttonAkainu(8th Nov. @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonKicell, Urichipangoon(17th Oct. @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonKen Yokoyama, Dust Box(14th Oct. @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonAsagiri Jam It's a beautiful day
feat.Curly Giraffe, Camille, I am Robot and Proud, The Proxy, Tuff Session, Oki Dub Ainu Band, Aba Shanti-i, Dachambo (4th to 5th Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonMono(2th Oct. @ Shibuya Club Quatrro)
button"Planet A Carnival" feat. The Birthday, Gagaga SP, Utsumiyoko & Yokoloco Band, Yo-King, Flower Companyz, Sherbets (6th Sep. @ Awaji Yumebutai)
buttonTakeuchi Denki (30th Mar. @ Namba Rockets)

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