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@ Olympic Stadium, Seoul (30th May '09)

A Healthy Dose Of Rock From The ROK

Crying Nut
      Previously known as Fireball Festival, the title of the third installment of this annual summer event was changed to Time To Rock Festival in honour of a new weekly television program bearing the same name. The TV show in question, Time To Rock, is hosted by vocalist and bassist Ahhn from thrash metal band Crash and showcases some of the best talent in South Korea's indie scene.

      More than 10,000 music lovers flocked to the open-air Olympic Stadium at Jamsil Sports Complex for more than 10 hours of tunes from 26 different acts. Guckkasten's noisy alt-rock has early arrivals dancing up a storm under the hot afternoon sun. Guitarist and vocalist Ha Hyun Woo was quite animated, jumping and shaking his body while singing before tossing his instrument high in the air as the band's set ended.

      As Galaxy Express emerged fans eagerly crowded in tight around the massive stage to rock out alongside one of Seoul's finest groups. The trio didn't disappoint, recreating a fantastic array of hard hitting garage anthems from last year's double-disc album, "Noise On Fire." At one point vocalist and guitarist Park Jong Hyun shouted, "Are you rock n' roll?" before leading everyone in a chant of "It's time to rock!"

      Biuret and The Black Skirts both followed with well-received sets of poppy melodies. The Black Skirts have seen a huge spike in their popularity over the last several months and received a huge cheer as they launched into "Like Me" from 2008's "201."

Crying Nut       Crying Nut, South Korea's top-selling underground act, were up next. A huge roar erupted as Kim In Su played a few notes from his accordion. When the quintet broke into their opening cut a few moments later the audience went crazy and began jumping and clapping along to the energetic punk sounds being turned out. The band could do no wrong during their 20-minute concert as nearly all in attendance screamed along to every one of Park Yeun Sik's lyrics. A small mosh pit formed in the middle of the field during their closing number and Crying Nut tried to incite even more excitement from their fans by bouncing, running around, and hurling water bottles from the stage while playing.

      W & Whale's electro-infused pop grooves allowed the wound up crowd to catch a breather. Female vocalist Whale sported a pink summer dress and wore one of festival's souvenir towels around her neck while singing. My Aunt Mary kept things nice and chilled with a set of bluesy rock staples that had many nodding along.

      Back-to-back performances by two of the country's fastest rising indie acts, Yozoh and Jang Ki Ha and Faces, left appreciative spectators begging for more. Yozoh was up first and delighted all with her simple jazzy, coffeehouse pop. Jang Ki-ha and Faces performed after and brought smiles to the faces of many with their humorous, geek chic brand of folk. Backup dancers the Mimi Sisters were dressed like 70s stewardesses and when they weren't smoking or striking overdramatic poses they joined Jang for basic dance choreographies that the audience eagerly mimicked.

      Superkidd looked quite sharp dressed in their matching white suits as they performed their fun brand of pop-punk. Singer Younha joined them for a couple of songs, including a mishmash of melodies that which featured experts from the Smurfs' theme and a Sanullim track. The Sanullim cover set the stage perfectly for an appearance by Kim Chang Wan Band, whose leader was one-third of the highly revered South Korean rock icons. Kim and his backing players wowed all with a tight showcase of psych-accented classic rock.

      As dusk fell over the stadium, local big name draws such as Crash, No Brain, and YB kept attendees entertained well into the night.
Crying Nut
report by shawn and photos by hanasan
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buttonA Healthy Dose Of Rock From The ROK (09/05/30 @ Olympic Stadium, Seoul) : review by shawn, photos by hanasan
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