buttonMagma @ Shibuya O-East (27th May. '09)

Magma Magma Magma Magma
Magma Magma Magma Magma Magma Magma Magma Magma
photos by saya38
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buttonWhatever's Zeuhl With Me : (09/05/27 @ Shibuya O-East) : review by jay, photos by saya38
buttonphoto report : (09/05/27 @ Shibuya O-East) : photos by saya38
button遊星コバイアからの物体X : (05/09/17 @ Shibuya Club Quattro) : review by nob, photos by nachi
buttonphoto report : (05/09/17 @ Shibuya Club Quattro) : photos by nachi
buttonパンドラの箱空けた : (05/09/16 @ Shibuya O-East) : review by todyy, photos by saya38
buttonphoto report : (05/09/16 @ Shibuya O-East) : photos by saya38
button一歩はまれば抜けられない? : (01/05/30 @ Shibuya O-East) : review by nob, photos by nishioka

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buttonRaid World Festivalfeat. Mono , Pelican , Lite (16th Apr @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonSparks (24th Apr @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonGrowing, envy, Boris, SUNN O))) , Isis(19th Apr @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonZappa Plays Zappa(8th Apr @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonMogwai & Remember Remember(10th Jan @ Liquidroom Ebisu)


buttonLite and Mike Watt(20th Dec @ Shinjuku Marz)
buttonLite and Mike Watt(20th Dec @ Shinjuku Marz)
buttonRaid World Festivalfeat. Explosions In The Sky , Mono , Envy , world's end girlfriend (26th Apr @ Shibuya AX)
buttonEdgar"Jones"Jones & The Joneses(4th Apr. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonA Flood of Circle(6th Mar @ Shimokitazawa Shelter)
buttonLiteand Mike Watt(21st Feb @ Shinjuku Marz)


buttonThe Bays, The Pnuma Trio, Hexstatic, Bettye La Vette, Fridge, Overground Acoustic Underground(7th to 8th Oct '07 @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonSonic Youth and Vooredoms(20th Mar @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMo'some Tonebender(8th Apr @ Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo)
buttonThe Album Leaf and Para(13th Jan @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonBasement Jaxx(11th Jan @ Zepp Tokyo)


buttonLogistics , Electric Eel Shock , Roman Porsche (ロマンポルシェ。) , Midori and DMBQ(7th Dec @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonMo'some Tonebender(2nd Dec @ Shibuya AX)
buttonthe Birthday(15th Nov @ Shibuya AX)
buttonthe 50 kaitens(10th Nov @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonreview :" 最高で格好イイのはステージ上だけじゃない" Wrench : (22nd Oct @ Mount System 2006)
buttonGinger & Sonic Circus(4th Oct @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonboris , Guitar Wolf and Stars(13rd Jul @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonEnvy and Toe(13rd Jul @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonSA(30th Jun @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonBuffalo Daughter and Metalchicks(22nd Jun @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonGuitar Wolf , Dohatsuten (怒髪天) and Nihon Nouen (日本脳炎)(9th Jun @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonBoom Boom SatelLites (06/06/08 @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonSakerock with Misako Odani, Tucker Afra & Incredible BeatBox Band (06/06/05 @ Shibuya Quattro)
button Belle and Sebastian (4th Jun @ Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball)
buttonAkainu (赤犬) , DMBQ and Suichu , Sorewa Kurushii(水中、それは苦しい) (5th May @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonTeenage Riot night vol.14 (2nd May @ Shinbuya Nest)
button Kou Machida (29th Apr @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonHariss (22nd Apr @ Shimokitazawa Basementbar)
buttonKenji Endo (18th Apr @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
button Funeral for Friend and Fight Star (10th Apr @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
button Erica Hira (平絵里香) (5th Apr @ Shimokitazawa 440)
buttonCD review :"Grace" Jeff Buckley
button Invisibleman's Deathbed (12th Mar @ Akasaka Sogetsu Hall)
buttonMo'some Tonebender (11th Mar @ Shibuya AX)
buttonThe White Stripes (5th Mar @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonMad3 (4th Mar @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonExtreme The Dojo Vol.15 feat.Edge Of Spirit, Exodus, Nile & The Haunted (2nd Mar @ Shibuya On Air East)
buttonDinasaur Jr. (27th Feb @ Shibuya AX)
buttonElectric Eel Shock (15th Feb @ Shimokitazawa Basementbar)
buttonNylon (12th Feb @ Shinjuku Marble)
buttonThe Star Club and The Strummers , Kool Rodz , The Slavemaster Connection , Gendou Missile :(11th Feb @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonEarthshaker:(7th Feb @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonRebel Familia , 54-71 , Koinu and MSC:(25th Jan @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonあぶらだこ(Aburadako) and Wrench , Cicada :(22nd Jan @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonSpecial Groovin'andGetakarubi :(21st Jan @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonMari KanekoandSuper Goooooood! , Zukunasi:(16th Jan @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed:(7th Dec @ Aoyama Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou)

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