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@ Yokohama Thumbs Up (13th Jan. '09)

Pulling Treasures (From the Shelf)

Glenn Tilbrook
      It was real pleasure to see Glenn Tilbrook perform an intimate pub-style gig this past Tuesday night in Yokohama.

      I brought a friend of mine visiting from the U.S. along with me to Yokohama's Thumb's Up Live so we could have a few beers and listen to some of Glen Tilbrook's solo troubadour-style pop music this past Tuesday night, and I have to say it turned out to be a real pleasure. The intimate setting was almost pub-like, and catching the former Squeeze front man in a small, solo show like this was quite entertaining.

Glenn Tilbrook       I expected it to be mostly a showcase of songs from his solo albums, of which I must admit I haven't heard, but it turned out to be an enjoyable evening of Glenn with just his two acoustic guitars (one six-string and one 12-string) and songs he wanted to sing. The house wasn't full by any stretch, but the people there were diehard Japanese fans and all enjoyed the two hour, two-set performance.

      The first set had him play a handful of Squeeze hits (which the crowd chimed in on on the most popular choruses, especially "Tempted" and "Up the Junction") and originals from one of his solo albums. He didn't introduce many of his songs from the stage, so I could only name them if it was a Squeeze song that I knew, or a new one of his he did introduce. All the rest were just general Glenn Tilbrook songs, especially since all the GT songs kind of sound like Squeeze songs or vice versa.

      With all of the songs that he played, he showed a range of musicianship that I wasn't aware he had achieved. He played bluesy barre-chord numbers with suitable solos and upbeat rock numbers in which he moved from the verse-chorus-verse structure to extended riffing on the acoustic with only the hand clapping of the audience to keep him in time. I must say I was surprised and impressed with his skill. I didn't realize the boy could play. I knew he could write songs and play in a successful pop band, but I didn't realize he such chops. He had an easy affability about him on stage that had everyone there feeling relaxed and into the vibe.

      The almost completely Japanese audience definitely appreciated what they were being treated to, but kept their usual respectful distance. Tilbrook tried to get a little audience participation happening on "Tempted" with a little difficulty, but later the audience wasn't so hesitant to join in when asked, such as on the wonderful, set closing rendition of "Goodbye Girl".

Glenn Tilbrook      Tilbrook started the second set off on his 12-string acoustic guitar, telling the audience that the next number was a request. He then proceeded to wail out a version of Hendrix' "Voodoo Chile," complete with solos, and then to keep the audience going, banged out The Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Will" in quick succession.

      It's hard not to think of every Squeeze song you've ever heard when Tilbrook is singing, but I guess when you're the former lead singer and songwriter for the band it's kind of inevitable. Even when he's singing someone else's song, it sounds like it was done by Squeeze. Perhaps that's a testament to his ability to make something his own: even though he did the Crowded House tune "Always Take the Weather With You" pretty much note for note, it sounded like something from East Side Story or Sweets from a Stranger. That's not a criticism, I just kept wanting a band to show up. Even more so when he trotted out "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)."

      Well no band was going to show up, but Tilbrook stood and delivered over two hours worth of great music (well over 30 songs), finishing with "Another Nail In My Heart," much to the crowd's delight. The audience managed to coax him out for a few more tunes, and he seemed genuinely happy to come out and oblige them.

All and all, an easy singer to listen to, with more hits and skills than people realize. I envy the folks that live round his local pub.
Glenn Tilbrook
The featured photos were from the 1st show of the tour, on the 10th of Jan., at Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe
report by jeff and and photos by hanasan
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