buttonDuglas T Stewart of BMX Bandits Solo Japan Show
Special guest star Yeongene from Korea
@ Shibuya O-Nest (25th Oct. '08)

BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
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BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits
 最新ベスト・編集盤、"The Rise and Fall(ザ・ライズ・アンド・フォール)"の発売に併せたアコースティック・ツアーの為に来日したBMXバンディッツのダグラス・スチュワート。 バンドでの来日ではなかったものの、韓国からライナス・ブランケットのシンガー・ヨンジン、日本からプレクトラムの高田泰介のふたりがツアーに参加、そして東京公演には更にサニーデイ・サービスの田中貴らが加わり「東京バンディッツ」としてのライブとなった。

 前回の来日公演の時もそうだったが、BMXバンディッツ、というかダグラスはとにかく曲の引き出しが多い! 自身のアルバムからはもちろん、カバーのヴァリエーションも多く、今回はカーペンターズや映画「ネヴァー・エンディング・ストーリー」のテーマなどなど、時間が許されるなら朝まで歌い続けるのではないのだろうか、と思えてしまう。 更にダグラスのMCにゆるーく突っ込みを入れるヨンジンが会場の雰囲気をほのぼのとさせてくれる。 彼女の歌声は「The Rise and Fall」でも聞けます。終盤はテニスコーツも加わりステージから人がこぼれてしまいそうになりながらBMX、おっと違った、東京バンディッツのライブは盛り上がったのでありました。

photos by izumikuma

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buttonphoto report (08/10/25 @ Shibuya O-Nest) : photos by izumikuma
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buttonphoto report (06/02/19 @ Shibuya O-Nest) : photos by izumikuma
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buttonDuglas T Stewart of BMX Bandits (25th Oct. @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonRachael Dadd (12th Oct. @ Osaka millibar)
buttonFaust (6th Sept. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonThe Green Man Festival feat. Mugstar, James Yorkston, Fuck Buttons, Sennen, King Creosote, Drive-By-Truckers, Spiritualized , Cate Le Bon, 9 Bach, The Yellow Moon Band, Fence Collective, Super Furry Animals, Radio Luxembourg, The Accidental, The Peth, Magik Markers & Caribou(15th to 17th August @ Glanusk Park, Crickhowell, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK)
buttonThe Courteeners (20th May @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMalcolm Middleton (18th May @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonThe Music (1st May @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonAlly Kerr with Plectrum, Hitoshi Arai(6th April @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonThe Pigeon Detectives (25th Mar. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonKT Tunstall (9th Mar. @ Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball)
buttonIan Brown (6th Mar. @ Shibuya O-East)
buttonBjörk (19th Feb. @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonSufjan Stevens (22nd Jan. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonKula Shaker (16th Jan. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonCaribou (13th Jan. @ Daikanyama Unit)


buttonGossip with OOIOO(20th Dec. @ Shibuya O-West)
buttonSuper Furry Animals (10th Nov. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonSuper Furry Animals (9th Nov. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMumm-Ra (1st Nov. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Cribs (25th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonFountains of Wayne (16th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonMalajube , 1990s(4th Oct. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonBattles (1st Oct. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Green Man Festival feat. Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love & Gilbert & Richard James & Indigo Moss & Euros Childs & Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time & Bill Callahan & The General and Duchess Collins & Clinic & Six Organs of Admittance & James Yorkston & Vashti Bunyan & Battles & John Power & 9Bach & Malcolm Middleton & Cate Le Bon & The Earlies & Gruff Rhys & Devendra Banhart & Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks & The Aliens(17th to 19th August @ Glanusk Park, Crickhowell, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK)
buttonThe Jo(h)n Tour feat. John Wesley Harding and Jon Auer (of the Posies) (30th June @ Roppongi Super Deluxe)
buttonCharlotte Hatherley (12th June @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonThe Chieftains (1st June @ Shiubya Bunkamura Orchard Hall)
buttonJuliette And The Licks (10th May @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonBen Kweller (18th Apr. @ Harajuku Astro Hall)
buttonBeck (16th Apr. @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonThe Invention(14th Apr. @ Shimokitazawa Mosaic)
buttonThe Cooper Temple Clause with The Invention(12th Apr. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonBeck (6th Apr. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonKaiser Chiefs (15th Mar. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonPeter Bjorn And John (7th Mar. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonJo Mango with trico! + Tomo Yamaguchi(3rd Mar. @ Daikanyama Haretara Sora Ni Mame Maite)
buttonJoanna Newsom with Smog, Hinemos(25th Feb. @ Shibuya O-West)
buttonJet(9th Feb. @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonCalexico with Iron & Wine(27th Jan. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonDustins Bar Mitzvah , The KBC(22nd Jan. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonDustins Bar Mitzvah , The KBC(20th Jan. @ Shimokitazawa Mosaic)


buttonArab Strap with Yomoya, Primrose(11th December @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonJamie Cullum (06th December @ Shibuya AX)
buttonNiceman with Sloppy Joe, Julia Hart(19th November @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonNiceman (18th November @ Nishiazabu Colors Studio)
buttonNiceman with Plectrum (18th November @ Shimokitazawa Mona Records)
buttonMogwai with Ratatat (11th November @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)
buttonRoger Joseph Manning JR with Fujifabric, Linus of Hollywood (30th October @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Red Krayola (15th October @ Shibuya O-Nest)
buttonThe Zutons (2nd October @ Shibuya AX)
buttonHard-Fi (21st September @ Shibuya AX)
buttonThe Aliens (25th August @ Night and Day, Manchester, UK)
buttonThe Green Man Festival feat. Scott Matthews & Circulus & The Aliens & Gruff Rhys & Donovan & Simple Kid & Quasi & Euros Childs & King Creosote & Jose Gonzalez & Archie Bronson Outfit & Bert Jansch & Richard James & Calexico(18th to 20th August @ Glanusk Park, Crickhowell, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK)
buttonColdplay (19th July @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonShonen Knife with The Posies (08th July @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonJamie Cullum (13th June. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonCrooked Fingers with Qurage, Folk Squat, Hideki Yoshimura, Pandatone, and Kicell(5th June @ Shibuya O Nest)
buttonBelle and Sebastian (3rd June. @ Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball)
buttonThe Greenroom Festival feat. Dubsensemania & Mike McCarthy & Caravanl & Beau Young (27th May @ Yokohama Osanbashi Hall)
buttonAlly Kerr with Plectrum (14th May. @ Shimokitazawa La Cana)
buttonTomohiro Kondo (22nd Apr. @ Sangenjaya Grape Fruit Moon)
buttonJanet Klein with Ban Ban Bazar (18th Apr. @ Yokohama Thumbs Up)
buttonKings Of Convenience (12th Mar. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonAuto-Mod, Tsunematsu Masatoshi Group, Momoyo and The Lizard, and Auto-Mod Session(9th Mar. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonSnow Patrol (21st Feb. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonBMX Bandits (19th Feb. @ Shibuya O Nest)
buttonThe Captains (13th Feb. @ Shimokitazawa Club 251)
buttonFranz Ferdinand with The Magic Numbers (10th Feb. @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonMogwai with Melt-Banana (24th Jan. @ Daikanyama Unit)

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