buttonBoys Noize @ Shibuya Womb (29th Feb. '08)

Raise your hands for trash techno

      With the thrilling tracks put on by Boys Noize, you'd think it have to be a combination of two techno-thinking minds like some of the recent super duos like 2 Many DJs, Daft Punk, Justice or Air. But actually, its a one-man-show with all the switches and buttons under the control of 26 year old Alex Ridha.

      Now back in Tokyo to support his debut full length, Oi Oi Oi and his ever expanding repertoire of remixed singles, Ridha is the latest techno sensation to hit dance floors around the world with his gritty techno style. Proof that things are just better when they're a little dirtier.

      Set in the concrete-walled sound paradise that is club Womb in Shibuya, the Gan Ban night started with Takayuki Serno and Eight Kidz warming up the eager, and surprisingly punctual, crowd. One of the first signs of life from the crowd was when Eighty Kidz dropped a fuzzed out version of Justice's D.A.N.C.E., which made hands thrust up.

      Boys Noize took control of the turntables in front of a crowd that seemed to have been dying of thirst for Ridha's punk, hip-hop infused techno blend; responding to every build up, especially when Ridha toyed with his samplers and forced looped build ups at will. It was as if Ridha was taunting the crowd and getting them even more hyped up. The place went berserk when he dropped his overnight-anthem, "& down." One thing Ridha likes is repetition, the looped chaos and his surging control over his records seemed to work like magic on the crowd. I've gone as far to say Boys Noize shows are kind of hedonist- there's something playing with the crowd's threshold as they enjoy the sledgehammer beats and heavy shower of pop laced noise and fuzz. Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised to find Oi Oi Oi short listed for one of the best dance songs of the year.

      Another climax was whenever the noise boy showcased his arsenal of remixed pop hits like Bloc Party and Feist. When the well-known "Arcade Robot" came on, the crowd seemed to show no sign of tiring out when the clocked passed 3:00 AM, already an hour into the set. What made it seem more like a performance rather than a straight forward DJ set was that the crowd seemed to be jumping and clamoring around the DJ booth more than actually dancing at times, but that just seemed standard with the punk energy laced in Ridha's beats. Well deserved breaks were scattered throughout the set with his lush synthesizer work and lower frequency drones as segues between tracks.

      In the locker room area, after the night wound down, comments of praise filled the air, although there was one discerning complaint that stuck out- "not long enough," said one party goer as she donned her coat.

The Schedule:

23:00 Takyuki Serno
00:00 Eighty Kidz
02:00 Boys Noize
03:30 Sugiurumn

report by vicente
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