buttonSTS9 (Sound Tribe Sector Nine)
@ Nagoya Bottom Line (23rd Aug. '07)

-- setlist --

1st set : Rilly wut / Tooth / Mischef / Blu mood / Hi-key / Lo Swaga
2nd set : Be nice / Tokyo / Music, Us / F word / One a day / Ev/Kamuy

-- encore --


photos by yusuke
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buttonmag files : STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector Nine)

button変幻自在な空間 (07/08/23 @ Nagoya Bottom Line) : review by nico,photos by yusuke
buttonphoto report (07/08/23 @ Nagoya Bottom Line) : photos by yusuke
buttonphoto report with Over All Photo Document & review (JPN) (06/12/31 @ Atlanta The Tabernacle) : review & photos by yusuke
buttonStand up and relax, it's easy (05/10/03 @ Shibuya Quattro) : review by donald, photos by yusuke
button音楽に満たされた空間 (05/10/03 @ Shibuya Quattro) : review by nob, photos by yusuke
buttonphoto report (05/10/03 @ Shibuya Quattro) : photos by yusuke
button流れるものは留められない (05/10/01 @ Asagiri Arena) : review by toddy, photos by hiroqui
buttonphoto report (05/10/01 @ Asagiri Arena) : photos by hiroqui

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buttonNote (10th Jun @ Maebashi Club Fleez ) : feat. minjah , Dubsensemania , Cro-Magnon ,Special Others ,native A ,Soil& "Pimp" Sessions
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buttonGoma (20th May. @ Aoyama Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou )
buttonMoe (23rd Apr. @ Ebisu Liquid Room )
buttonSonic Youth (17th Mar. @ Shibuya O-East )
button熊谷和徳 (15th Mar. @ Shibuya Club Quattro )
buttonExtreme The Dojo Vol.12 feat. Every time I Die / As I Lay Dying / Shadows Fall (7th Feb. @ Shibuya Club Quattro )
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buttonSoil & "Pimp" Sessions (05th Dec. @ club asia shibuya )
buttonSimple Plan (25th Nov. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
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buttonLos Lobos (7th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
button Audio Active melt position (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Rovo (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Soil & "Pimp" Sessions (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button the beautiful girls (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Frederic Galliano with African Diva (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button DJ Eye (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Mogwai (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Omosukoko Taiko (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonSpecial Others (5th Oct. @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel)
buttonSoil & "Pimp" Sessions (11th Sept. @ Shibuya BOXX)
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buttonMilkteath (30th Aug @ Takadanobaba Club Phase)
buttonThe Captains (30th Aug @ Takadanobaba Club Phase)
buttonJude (16th Jul @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonOutlaw Tour '04 feat. Calusari, Numb, Sand (12th June @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonStereolab (9th May @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonBuffalo Daughter, audio active (17th Apr @ Shinjyuku LOFT)
buttonDimention Zero (1st Mar @ Shibya Quattro)
buttonYKZ (2nd Feb @ Shibya Quattro)


buttonLondon Nite feat. Yossy, Higo-Vicious, Ronronclou, Dr. Ihara / The Zoot 16 / Laughin' Nose / Guitar Wolf (20th Dec @ Kawasaki Club Citta)

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