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@ Shinkiba Studio Coast (20th Apr '07)

Trans-Pacific family ties feeding you to 64 and beyond

      "Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64." The Beatles are surely not someone you would compare these two revered trans-Pacific sound sculptors to, but the range and depth of these family trees between all three are evident and fully feed this night flight.

      Diametrically opposite their stage name, Osaka's The Boredoms (or Vooredoms), provide a bounty from their legendarily rich slice-of-life compositions that stream endlessly from start to finish. Comprising of Yamatsuka Eye (vocals, keys, turntable, percussion), Yo-chan (drums, percussion), Seiichi Yamamoto (drums, percussion) and Yoshimi P-We (vocals, drums, percussion, keys) and with 20-plus years in the woodwork, this foursome serve it up robustly.

Vooredoms       This cabin quartet wholly attends to all passengers from boarding to destination. Chief pilot Eye emerges from the cabin throughout to ensure all a revitalizing run as these friendly skies unite in the collective tribal rhythms of Yoshimi, Yo-chan, Seiichi and Eye. No turbulence is felt awash the smooth navigation coalescing, whether in the ascension, cruising altitude or landing.

      As all four map-out matters in unison, passengers relax in the assurance of getting to their destination in style with beverages of choice in hand and savory snacks swallowed. Eye climbs his seven-guitar edifice, striking it with his staff to punctuate the beauty witnessed high above the clouds forged between the four. Relishing these freedoms, Eye, Yoshimi, Yo-chan and Seiichi relieve one another as the chiming octaves register into this salivating and savoring populace trance set motion. Far beyond Wayne's pink robots, Yoshimi and company need not battle anyone in this satisfying, conquering sonic sundae.

Sonic Youth
      With the Boredoms landing and subsequent crew departure, the reverberations subside. Ocean sounds fill the air as purser Jim O'Rourke appears to the giddy acknowledging patrons as he begins in preparing the next flight on an old school wooden-encased turntable system. Tossing in some "Earth, Wind & Fire" into the cabin, he brings his wide smile to all inside.

Sonic Youth      As the doors close and the plane debarks, Youth make their p.a. to their hungry passengers ready to take flight again. While O'Rourke disappears into the galley, Thurston Moore (vocals, guitar, bass), Kim Gordon (vocals, bass, guitar), Lee Ranaldo (vocals, guitar), Steve Shelley (drums, percussion) and old friend Marc Ibold (bass) welcome all and commence towards take-off. The building rumble of "Candle" runs resplendently amidst their leaving ground.

      Gaining cruising altitude and disbursing beverages and snacks, "Mote" provides the stiff drink you need as it rallies ahead through Lee's vocals amid Shelley poundings awash his swashing cymbal play off Kim's and Marc benching basses, sliced by Thurston's surgical strikes.

      These sky chiefs resourcefully refuel mid-flight as Ranaldo's run of the cabin "Slide" has Thurston onto bass as Kim navigates with her guitar work for this grinder of life. "Jams Run Free" follows with pilot Kim on the run. With Lee on acoustic as Steve delivers the deep tribal beat, Thurston puts out his confectionary coordinates of "Or."

      With the inevitable descent come final treats for communal enjoyment. "Bull In The Heather" provides one as co-pilot Ibold departs. O'Rourke's steps in and keeps the cabin full with guitar in hand. The second-leg finish comes with "Shaking Hell," as this jet pulls into the gate with all ready to fully embrace those outside reflecting on the conversations and feelings gained in the skyway.
Sonic Youth
report by michael and photos by saya38

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buttonTrans-Pacific family ties feeding you to 64 and beyond (07/04/20 @ Shinkiba Studio Coast) : review by michael, photos by saya38
buttonphoto report (07/04/20 @ Shinkiba Studio Coast) : photos by saya38
buttonphoto report (06/06/16-18 in Manchester, Tennessee) : photos by roxianne
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button母胎ノイズ (05/03/16 @ Shibuya O-East) : review by yuka, photos by nachi
buttonphoto report (05/03/16 @ Shibuya O-East) : photos by nachi

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