buttonBen Kweller @ Harajuku Astro Hall (18th April '07)

Helping all run near and afar in this heaven allowed

Ben Kweller
      "One-two-three-four... Caught between the twisted stars, the plotted lines, the faulty map that brought Columbus to New York." Well, this Shakespearian poetry courtesy of Lou Reed didn't bring Kweller to Tokyo of course, but Ben's passions forged between Lou, Bob, himself and others surely did and gloriously are in full bloom in the cozy confines off Tokyo's most famed walkway.

Ben Kweller       As Dylan plays and lays the foundation to Kweller's amassed disciples mulling about in close quarters, a forever buoyant Kweller storms the stage and keeps it committed to the core solidly between his Epiphone acoustic and Yamaha upright as all others beautifully bath in his craft.

      Seamlessly switching to his upright with both New York City and his former neighbor on his mind whose presence in the audience duly emboldens, Kweller dedicates the building "My Apartment" then slides into the restorative "How Should It Be (Sha Sha)." A stripped-down "Run" unfurls crystal clear in its sunny sojourn into the forward-thinking walk of "Nothing Different," given added credence with a gaffe humorously acknowledged. Brian Wilson makes his an appearance within his reverent rendition of "God Only Knows," replete with vocal percussion that has all listening to each octave noted as grins abound throughout.

Ben Kweller      Back to his Epiphone, the sunshiny, bounce of "Family Tree" gives the equation of love with a three-octave audience input as Kweller conducts. Meanwhile, the haunting "Sundress" takes the lost love yearning to 11 as it charges ahead in its unanswered loyalty. Keeping momentum, the piano-led to acoustic "Penny On The Train Track" supremely satisfies with whip-cream added as an electrified "Enter Sandman" mixes in for a slide into a supreme sundae.

      A final convergence split between "Thirteen" and "Wasted & Ready" has all amongst friends feasting as big wet sloppy kisses are thrown both ways. Like that disco diva bellowed, Kweller keeps it real in this heaven all the time.

Ben Kweller

report by michael and photos by izumikuma

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Ben Kweller


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