buttonBeck @ Nippon Budokan (16th April '07)

Close encounters from his seventh mind

      "It's finger-lickin'... It's finger-lickin' good y'all." Keeping it exactly just that like his sparse, yet full solo "Sea Change" outing at Budokan 5 years ago, Beck's reprisal harvests an percolating, expansive feast for a fitting finale.

Beck       The mirror man and soul of a thousand faces, the famed Los Angeleno drops right into a prerecorded appetizer of "Loser" that whets the palette of Budokan's insides as marionettes of each respective member move about the stage within as the six super-sized real McCoy's storm the stage to bring the track to full fruition for consumption.

      First dish "Devils Haircut" comes out piping hot in this most active kitchen as it pushes and pulls alongside its warm bass underbelly. Into "Black Tambourine" and its resplendent punchy, psychedelic flavor, Beck Sr. plays to Beck Jr. in "The New Pollution."

      Running the gamut over his cookbook for a full-course meal able to sustain space travel anywhere, Beck and his assembled assistant chefs present a spread to be savored. The bumping dish "Hell Yes" has taste buds throughout all watering with its correct beat into the stitching sustainer of "Think I'm In Love."

Beck       With scenes from an Italian restaurant of your most vivid choice, Beck serves up solo "Lost Cause" and "The Golden Age" as his assistants imbibe tableside while still dispensing harmonies into a full dinner table percussive suite.

      Your stomach says no more, but bonus dishes keep a coming that cannot be denied. Puppet-cam dream "Bekzilla" humorously crosses the bridge between the main course and dessert. The whip cream on top comes from the Neapolitan ice cream of "Sexx Laws," "Where It's At" and "E-Pro," giving full belly to ensure all a deep, warm broad-smiled sleep.

      Just like that famed Tennessee spirit, this delicious convergence of characters and scenery both enlighten and harvest a bounty from the wonder boy who lives here, there and everywhere for a seventh heaven for all.

report by michael and photos by izumikuma

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