buttonNOFX @ Shinkiba Studio Coast (7th Apr. '07)

The Self-Proclaimed World's Third Best Punk Band

      "Give it up for the second best punk band in the world - Rancid," said NOFX bassist Fat Mike during the band's headlining set at the Punkspring "after party" concert at Studio Coast. "Know who the first one is?"

      On cue, thousands of sweaty fans screamed "NOFX," causing Fat Mike to laugh and reply "No, it's Bad Religion."

      Having fun at the expense of both themselves and others has been one of NOFX's calling cards since forming in 1983 in California. It's worked extremely well, allowing them to spend 25 years amongst the top of the punk scene and establishing them as one of the most successful independent acts in the world.

      Performing under a really, really tiny banner (probably around the size of a pillow case) emblazoned with their name, the quartet tore through fast-paced satirical anthems from throughout their career. Shirtless and with his ass crack exposed, Fat Mike had the near capacity crowd of Japanese and foreign teens and twentysomethings jumping and pumping their fists while singing along to all of his humourous lyrics. A man of countless useless talents, he butted heads with guitarist Eric Melvin, tugged on Melvin's dreads, and sipped drinks from the cup holder affixed to his microphone stand while he played.

      NOFX have been quite outspoken about their disdain for U.S. President George W. Bush. Fat Mike's record label, Fat Wreck Chords, released two highly- praised punk compilations prior to the 2004 Presidential elections entitled "Rock Against Bush" and helped organize the web site PunkVoter.com. Performing "Franco Un-American" from 2003's War on Errorism, Fat Mike added a few extra lines to the original, singing: "We all know George Bush is an imbecile. He loves Dick, but he hates homosexuals. We're sick and tired of the embarrassment; the whole world wants us to get a better President."

      As the show wound down, guitarist El Hefe ridiculed the concept of planned encores informing everyone, "We're going to play one more and then leave and then come back and play some more." The crowd's chant of "NOFX" brought Fat Mike and drummer Erik Sandin back out along with a Japanese dominatrix who rode on the back of a man crawling on all fours and whipped him. Not wanting to miss out, Fat Mike asked to be whipped as well, leaving welts large enough to make Melvin gasp (and then chuckle) when he and El Hefe re-emerged a few minutes later.

      Trying to top the thrill of the dominatrix, NOFX ended the night with crowd favourites "Don't Call Me White" and "Kill All The White Man." The first caused a large circle pit to start near the front of the stage, while the latter had everyone dancing to the ska rhythms then gleefully bouncing around as it turned into a fiery street punk song.

      Still wanting more, another chant of "NOFX" filled Studio Coast as the band left the stage. It was short lived, though, as the house lights were quickly turned on and the staff began to pump Shakira out of the speakers at an ear-splitting volume, causing a mass exodus of punk rockers seeking refuge from the horrible sounds.
report by shawn

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buttonThe Self-Proclaimed World's Third Best Punk Band (07/04/04 @ Shinkiba Studio Coast) : review by shawn

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