buttonHappy Dispatch @ Kichijoji Mandara (6th Apr. '07)

Guilty as Synth

Happy Dispatch
      Kichijoji's Mandala club is not a large place. The stage is small and only a foot high, making it so intimate that it almost feels like the bands are performing in your lap. Tokyo's Happy Dispatch, however, don't sit down much. The frenetic quintet spent more of their time jumping, dancing and waving spasmodically to the beat.

Happy Dispatch      I'm mainly referring to Yo-Screamer, HD's vocalist and easily the center of attention. He flails about, barking and bleating over angular riffs and casiotone trill. Names like Talking Heads, Velvet Underground and Arto Lindsay get bandied about when talking about Happy Dispatch, and I can hear faint echos of each, but the juxtaposition of synthesizers and clanging guitars reveals hints of Devo, as well. Even their look - big, clunky plastic sunglasses and combat boots - shares the same goofy nihilism of Mark Mothersbaugh and crew in their heyday.

Happy Dispatch      And it's all just as danceable. After a sweet boy-girl duet intro between bassist and guitarist (Moe Tucker would've been proud), a pounding beat slowly gains momentum, propelling the lead guitarist's hooks as they interweave with a keyboard playing upward scales. Wearing something akin to aviator goggles, Yo-Screamer takes the stage and belts out a chant, all the while fiddling with knobs on a box thrown over his shoulder, turning his voice into a deafening crush of echoing squeals.

      This builds and builds, with everyone becoming more and more animated, and as soon as the crowd has hit their stride, it's over. Alas, HD share this bill with 4 other bands on a short schedule, so their 20-odd minute set felt like 5. Just means I'll need to check them out again at Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou (where these photos come from). GREAT bill on April 16th.
Happy Dispatch

report by jinki and photos by hanasan
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Happy Dispatch


Happy Dispatch : Live Schedule

04/06 (Fri) Kichijoji Mandara
04/12 (Thu) Higashi Koenji UFO Club
04/16 (Mon) Aoyama Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou
04/17 (Tue) Daikanyama Haretara Sorani Mame Maite
04/23 (Mon) Sangenjaya Heaven's Door
04/29 (Fri) Fussa Chicken Shack
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