buttonThe 50 kaitens @ Fukuoka Drum Son (15th Feb '07)

The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ
The 50回転ズ

photos by suguta
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buttonphoto report (07/01/15@ Fukuoka Drum Son) : photos by suguta
buttoncolumn : 定例 : これを見逃すな! (07/02/06) : review by nob
buttonphoto report (06/12/30@ Makuhari Messe) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (06/12/23@ Shibuya Yaneura) : photos by terumi
buttonphoto report (06/11/19@ Kobe Star Club) : photos by tommy
button溢れるテンションと愛情 (06/11/10 @ Shimikitazawa Club 251): review by nob, photos by saya38
buttonphoto report (06/11/10 @ Shimikitazawa Club 251): photos by saya38
buttonラモーンズまみれの日 (06/10/19 @ Shibuya Club Quattro) : review by nob,photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (06/10/19 @ Shibuya Club Quattro) : photos by ryota
button回転と共にライヴハウスをハシゴする (06/09/16@ Shibuya Yaneura) : review by nob,photos by naoaki
buttonphoto report (06/09/16@ Shibuya Yaneura) : photos by naoaki

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The 50kaitens


Tour Schedule

2/20(tue) 新宿LOFT
2/22(thu) 下北沢SHELTER
2/23(fri) 横浜FAD
2/24(sat) 水戸LIGHTHOUSE
2/25(sun) 千葉LOOK
2/27(tue) 本八幡Route14
2/28(wed) 宇都宮HEAVEN'S ROCK
3/01(thu) 熊谷HEAVEN'S ROCK
3/02(fri) さいたま新都心HEAVEN'S ROCK
3/04(sun) 高崎CLUB FLEEZ

3/10(sat) BOSTON @ T.T.The Bear's
3/11(sun) NY @ Knitting Factory
3/13(tue) Philly @ Khyber
3/14(wed) CHICAGO @ Empty Bottle
3/16(fri) AUSTIN,TX @ Elysium
3/18(sun) LA @ Knitting Factory
3/19(mon) SF @ Independent
3/20(tue) SEATTLE @ Neumos Crystal Ball Reaing Room

3/27(tue) 米子ペリエ
3/29(thu) 広島ナミキジャンクション
3/31(sat) 高知X-pt
4/03(tue) 徳島JITTARBUG
4/04(wed) 高松DIME
4/07(sat) 奈良ネバーランド
4/10(sun) 京都磔磔
4/11(wed) 大津B-FLAT
4/13(fri) 梅田Shangri-La
4/15(sun) 神戸スタークラブ
4/18(wed) 札幌BESSIE HALL
4/20(fri) 帯広STUDIO REST
4/21(sat) 釧路CLUB GREEN
4/22(sun) 北見夕焼けまつり
4/24(tue) 旭川CASINO DRIVE
4/25(wed) 苫小牧L-CUBE
4/26(thu) 函館BAY CITY'S STREET
5/01(tue) 仙台MACANA
5/02(wed) 郡山CLUB#9
5/04(fri) 静岡SUNUSH
5/05(sat) 清水JAMJAMJAM
5/06(sun) 岡崎CAMHALL
5/08(tue) 四日市クラブケイオス
5/09(wed) 名古屋アポロシアター
and more!!!!!!

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The 50kaitens


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The 50kaitens


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button 2007

button The 50回転ズ (15th Feb @ Fukuoka Drum Son)
button Calexico (19th Jan @ Fukuoka Soul Bird)
button Up Steady (14th Jan @ Kokura Fuse)


button Zi:LiE-YA (1st Dec @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1)
button Bull's Eye (26th Nov @ Fukuoka Vivre Hall)
button Kemuri (3rd Sep @ Sun Set Live 2006)
button Ska☆Rockets (2nd Sep @ Sun Set Live 2006)
button 勝手にしやがれ (1st Sep @ Sun Set Live 2006)
button Black Bottom Brass Band (1st Sep @ Sun Set Live 2006)
button ANA (1st Sep @ Sun Set Live 2006)
button Up Steady (23rd Jul @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1)
button Fatboy Slim (23rd May @ Zepp Fukuoka)
button Cagedbaby (23rd May @ Zepp Fukuoka)
button zZz (23rd May @ Zepp Fukuoka)
button Up Steady (21st May @ Fukuoka The Voodoo Lounge)
button eastern youth (21st May @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1)
button Bull's Eye (1st Apr @ Nishikokura WOW)
button 学生・主婦・パート (1st Apr @ Nishikokura WOW)
button The Travellers (4th Mar @ Fukuoka Soul Bird)
button The Portugal Japan (21st Jan @ Kumamoto Django)
button Thee 50's high teens (21st Jan @ Kumamoto Django)


buttonQuruli (23rd Nov @ Zepp Fukuoka)
button Hole Trap (18th Nov @ Kumamoto Django)
button Theatre Brook (23rd Sep @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1)
button Big John Tenta (21st Aug @ Kumamoto Castle)
button 3.6Milk (12th Jul @ Kumamoto Django)
buttonBlack Bottom Brass Band (11th May @ Kumamoto Battle-Stage)
button The Poltugal Japan (2nd Apr @ Kumamoto Django)
buttonBig John Tenta (26th Feb @ Kumamoto Battle-Stage)
buttonArts (26th Feb @ Kumamoto Battle-Stage)
button Yo-King (2nd Feb @ Kumamoto Django)

button 2004

button Dexied The Emons (4th Dec @ Kumamoto Django)

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