buttonJet @ Zepp Osaka (14th Feb '07)

Jet Jet
Jet Jet
Jet Jet Jet
Jet Jet
Jet Jet

photos by tommy

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buttonphoto report (07/02/14 @ Zepp Osaka) : photos by tommy
button豪州羊は空気ギターの夢を見るか? (07/02/09 @ Nippon Budokan) : review by nob, photos by izumikuma
buttonphoto report (07/02/09 @ Nippon Budokan) : photos by izumikuma
button突っ走れ! ロックン・ロールの子供達 : review by ikuyo, photo by ikesan (04/02/07 @Shibuya Club Quattro)
button痛快!ロックンロール泥棒ここにあり!! : review by kami, photo by ikesan (04/02/07 @Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonのるか、そるか : review by kuniko, photo by ikesan (04/02/07 @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonphoto report : photo by ikesan (04/02/07 @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonillustration report : illustrated by chika (04/02/06 @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonまっすぐに伸びた大通りの真中を、彼らは堂々と歩いていた : review by takao,photo by saya38 (04/02/04 @ Shibuya AX)
buttonどえらいぃ〜バンドがぁ〜来たぁもんだっ! : review by taiki,photo by saya38 (04/02/04 @ Shibuya AX)
buttonphoto report : photo by saya38 (04/02/04 @ Shibuya AX)
button「iPODロッカー」?さあ、どうでしょう : review by ryoji, photo by mari (04/02/03 @ Shibuya AX)
buttonphoto report : photo by mari (04/02/03 @ Shibuya AX)

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buttonSpilkiya2 (3rd Feb @ Osaka Kanadian) : feat.intro, Min Min Min (a.k.a. neconemuru), Oshiripenpenz, Big Mountain PIKA WADA (Pikachu vs Shinji Wada), Mame Maki
buttonScissor Sisters (29th Jan @ Osaka Namba Hatch)
buttonFlower Companyz: (21st Jan @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonThe Birthday: (17th Jan @ Zepp Osaka)

buttonAkainu: (23th Dec @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonMo'some Tonebender: (10th Dec @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonDoberman: (2nd Dec @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKobe Rock Street (19th Nov @ Kobe Back Beat) : feat.
Mahiko Takagi & Shake it up babies
(@ Kobe Mersey Beat) : feat.So-on-g
(@ Kobe Star Club) : feat.The Collectors, The 50kaitens, Laughin' Nose
buttonWadarockers: (17th Nov @ Osaka Kanadian)
buttonRadio Caroline: (11th Nov @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonThe Neatbeats: (7th Nov @ Kove Varit)
buttonKenichi Asai: (24th Oct @ Osaka Namba Hatch)
buttonBorofesta (7th Oct @ Kyoto Seibu Koudou) : feat.
Theatre Brook, Yurayura Teikoku
buttonThe Pogues: (2nd Oct @ Osaka Namba Hatch)
buttonViolets, Watusizombie: (24th Sep @ Namba Rock Rider)
buttonThe Psycrons, Thee 50's High Teens: (16th Sep @ Namba Rock Rider)
buttonKyojin Yueni Dekai, King Brothers: (3rd Sep @ Kobe Helluva Lounge)
buttonNihon Hakkyou (27th Aug @ Kobe Varit) : feat.
Megamasahide, The 50kaitens, So-on-g, Dohatsuten
buttonzOoOoOm, DMBQ: (23rd Jul @ Kobe Helluva Lounge)
buttonTomohiro Kondo: (20th Jul @ Umeda Hard Rain)
buttonMajestic Nite (15th Jul @ Namba Rock Rider) : feat.
Radio Caroline, The Switch Trout, The Neatbeats
buttonMatsu Ken Aniki Matsuri (10th Jul @ Kobe Star Club) : feat.
Radio Caroline, New Rote'ka, Flower Companyz
buttonKoologi: (3rd Jul @ Osaka Shangrila)
buttonFlower Companyz (16th Jun @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (7th Jun @ Namba Hatch)
buttonUtsumi Yoko & Yokoloco Band (4th Jun @ Kyoto Taku Taku)
buttonM.J.Q (26th May @ Osaka King Cobra): photos by tommy
buttonMidori, DMBQ, Akainu (20th May @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonKatayama Breakers & The Rock'n Roll Party, The 50kaitens, So-on-g (27th Apr @ Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonClovers, Radio Caroline (22nd Apr @ Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonDoes, Flower Companyz, The Pees (4th Apr @ Osaka Banana Hall)
buttonGuitar Wolf (25th Mar @ Osaka King Cobra)
buttonThe 50kaitens (24th Mar @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonThe John Butler Trio (8th Mar @ Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonDoberman (4th Mar @ Osaka Bayside Jenny)
buttonMo'some Tonebender (4th Mar @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonspilkiya (24th Feb @ Shinjuku Loft) : feat.
Oni, Muja, Dora Video, Kota Masumoto
buttonYU-JI Rock Town 2006 (17th Feb @ Osaka Live Square 2nd Line) : feat.
detroit 7, Bugy Craxone, Radio Caroline
buttonHanada Hiroyuki Band (16th Feb @ Osaka Rock Rider)
buttonMo'some Tonebender (11th Feb @ Kyoto Takutaku)
buttonYU-JI Rock Town 2006 (10th Feb @ Osaka Live Square 2nd Line) : feat.
SO-ON★G, Lonesome Dove Woodrows, The Privates
buttonFranz Ferdinand (12th Feb @ Zepp Osaka)
buttonThe Magic Numbers (12th Feb @ Zepp Osaka)
buttonThe 50kaitens (9th Feb @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonPlanet "Kyu" (6th Feb @ Kichijoji Planet K) : feat.
Yoko Utsumi &Yokoyoko Band, qyb, M.J.Q
buttonThe Pees (28th Jan @ Kyoto Taku Taku )
buttonKaiser Chiefs, The Cribs (27th Jan @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKobe Rock Street (21st Jan @ Kobe Back Beat) : feat.
Megamasahide, The Misstells
(@ Kobe Mersey Beat) : feat.
Hatch Hatchell & Beer All Stars, Katayama Breakers & The Rock'n Roll Party
(@ Kobe Star Club) : feat.
Invisibleman's deathbed, Guitar Wolf


buttonThee 50's high teens (30th Dec @ Kyoto Muse Hall)
buttonUtsumi Yoko & YOKOLOCO BAND (25th Dec @ Kyoto Taku Taku)
buttonWatusi Zombie, Oshiripenpenz and Afrirampo (21st Dec @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonTheatre Brook (16th Dec @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKing Brothers (11th Dec @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonTheatre Brook (27th Nov @ Kobe Chicken George)
buttonDoberman (11th Nov @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonFeeder (7th Nov @ Shinsaibashi Quattro)
buttonNylon -Cover Song Sereies Vol.1- CDレコ発ライブ (6th Nov @ Kyoto Taku Taku) : feat. FeeBee's, Nylon
buttonRadio Caroline (20th Oct @ Kyoto Taku Taku)
buttonHanada Hiroyuki (15th Oct @ Osaka Rock Rider)
buttonKingbrothers (11th Oct @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonTheatre Brook (25th Sep @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKemuri 10th Anniversary Event at Ebisu 3Days (18th Sep @ Ebis MILK) : feat. Cool Wise Men, King Django, KEMURI, session
buttonLIFE SIZE ROCK 05 (11th Sep @ Osaka Namba Hatch) : feat.Katteni Shiyagare , KOOLOGI
buttonRosso (28th Aug in Rush Ball '05 @ Izumiotsu phoenix)
buttonBayside Jenny 15th Anniversary "K点越え<港攻め> (25th Aug @ Osaka Bayside Jenny) : feat. Invisibleman's Deathbed, Tetsu to Namari, Hige, Doberman, Radio Caroline
buttonKobe Rolling 2005 (9th Aug @ Kobe Chicken George) : feat. Umekichi, Black Bottom Umekichi Band
buttonGuitar Panda (24th Jul @ Osaka Hard Rain)
buttonTheatre Brook (2nd Jul @ Osaka Unagidani Sunsui)
buttonPealout (26th Jun @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonM.J.Q (27th May @ Osaka King Cobra)

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