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Never Drifting, Wide Awake, Reassuring You're Not Alone In These Stormy Seas

      "You can't be passive... Got to be active... Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day... Teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever." Amidst its swinging, funky stitching bass, Arrested Development's empowering track of sprawling sustenance within its 1992 debut is fitting in powerfully conveying what four lads from Dublin have consistently achieved since their 1978 solidification in their tireless ecumenical crusade for freedoms and prosperity whether live or recorded.

U2      20 years past their headlining partnership for Amnesty International's A Conspiracy For Hope Tour, U2 continues to lead its cause amongst a growing artistic ensemble, most evident from their honour of receiving Amnesty International's 'Ambassador of Conscience Award' that had Nelson Mandela as this year's recipient.

      Prior to their Vertigo tour finale in Honolulu alongside Pearl Jam, one of their kindred spirits from North America, Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam lay out a sumptuous 22-plate feast this night for mind, body and soul to an ever-growing faithful, full-bodied and resonant no matter the continent, nor city.

      Effortlessly, this true international friendly within a cavernous cold space made intimate instantly, reaches and reaps a shared bounty. As the doors fly open into a narrow funnel entry that leads onto a vast seat-less floor, wave after wave race past the flanking Amnesty International tables and beverage vendors. Even in rapid movement, their universally wide smiles and eyes gleaming awash in hope are wholly evident.

      With intensity and anticipations peaking, the insides go dark with only the diminutive exit signs peppered about glowing in their green as a massive roar engulfs all within the first building bars of "City of Blinding Lights." Lifting spirits immeasurable in this emotional blooming surge that never abates, a joyous Bono joins and leads his fellow soul brothers/shepherds as they shift straight into a Japanese countdown lift-off to "Vertigo" and never leave any behind.

U2      Blazing through numerous staples with vigour, Bono gets us to construct our own Space Mountain by requesting all to open up their cell phones and raise them high above as we look across our universe. No Pavarotti, but they bring us close to "Miss Sarajevo" that follows with an immense tip of the hat to the King.

      Prior to "One," Bono salutes Japan's leadership in the fight against HIV/Aids in Africa with its generous assistance as well as a reminder that World Aids Day is December 1st.

      Two encores punctuate emphatically with "With Or Without You," new single "Window In The Skies" that soars and ultimately closes on the vulnerable, yet strong "All I Want Is You."

      Confirming the truth to Arrested Development's Speech delivery, "Nothing is ever built on hate, instead love... Raise your fist, but also raise your children," U2 achieve all as we leave buoyantly to the nearest station as emboldened recognized fishermen full of belief and commitment. Indeed, we can see what love has done.

report and photos by michael
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