buttonDark Tranquility w/ Galneryus
@ Daikanyama Unit (11th Sept. '06)

Melodic Metal Monday

      Sweden's Dark Tranquility teamed with Japan's Galneryus for a fantastic Monday night of melodic metal. Despite it being the beginning of the week, never a great day for most, a good sized crowd of metalheads of all ages donned their favourite black attire and made their way to the spacious Unit in Daikanyama.

      Galneryus entertained the early arrivals with a passionate performance of 80s inspired metal and hard rock. Clad in a black t-shirt with a large, shiny skull on it, lead singer Yama-B was very animated as he belted out his lyrics with Bruce Dickinson-like gusto. Singing completely in English, his banter between songs was spoken in a combination of English and Japanese. His English comments were more of the large scale, stadium rock variety, "Thank you, we are Galneryus. This next song is called ノ." Japanese was reserved for relaying information to the appreciative audience about upcoming gigs and their new album.

      Showcasing selections from their latest effort, this summer's Beyond The End Of Despair..., the quintet played excellent together as they delivered tight versions of tracks such as "Shiver." Co-founders Yama-B and prolific guitarist Syu, who has also performed with the likes of Valkyr, Animetal, Aushvitz, and Masaki Project, led the act through their 40-minute set. Veterans of the Japanese metal scene, Galneryus showed that they were more than able to keep up with their international peers.

      As the light dimmed at quarter after eight spectators instantly began clapping and loudly chanting as the members of Dark Tranquility emerged. Opening with "The Treason Wall" from 2002's Damage Done, the sextet from Gothenburg, Sweden were in top form as they wowed all with their technical, yet extremely melodic, death metal.

      Frontman Mikael Stanne's deep, coarse vocals perfectly suit their aggressive style of music. However, unlike many other vocalists within the genre he sings instead of barking out his lyrics. His voice adds a gritty, dark edge to their songs, but never overwhelms the listener. The heavy sounds created by his talented bandmates perform a similar function. Whether playing fast and hard or slow and brooding, they've balanced their loud noise with melodic structures allowing all the parts of their unique sound to coexist and not drown each other out.

      Natural showmen, the charismatic band members leaned into the audience and encouraged excited attendees to get more riled up right from the start. Sporting a huge grin, Stanne informed everyone early on that visiting Japan is always the highlight of the band's world tours. After witnessing the mass adoration of the crowd it was easy to see why. Everyone from young teens to aged salarymen was pumping their fists, singing along, headbanging, and cheering on the act's every move with unbridled enthusiasm.

Dark Tranquility packed the night's set list with selections from throughout their over 15 year long career. The audience went crazy for all the group's cuts. During "White Noise Black Silence" one over zealous fan jump up on stage to sing with Stanne for a few moments. A short while later, the fast-paced "The New Build" caused a small circle pit to break out in the middle of the floor.

As a special treat, the band previewed a brand new song titled "Where Death Is Most Alive." The band will be recording the track in October as part of their next album which should surface next spring or summer. If the excellent "Where Death Is Most Alive" is any indication, the disc should make a great addition to the group's excellent back catalogue.

-- setlist --

The Treason Wall / Lost To Apathy / White Noise Black Silence / The Sun Fired Blanks / The New Build / The Wonders At Your Feet / Where Death Is Most Alive / The Endless Feed / Hedon / Haven / Damage Done / Therein / Monochromatic Stains / Zodijackyl Light / Punish My Heaven / Lethe / My Negation / Final Resistance

report by shawn

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