button Up Steady @ Fukuoka The Voodoo Lounge (21st May. '06) Up Steady
Up SteadyUp Steady Up SteadyUp Steady
Up Steady
Up SteadyUp Steady Up SteadyUp Steady
Up Steady
Up SteadyUp Steady Up Steady
Up Steady

 北九州発、ミクスチャーポップバンドUp Steady。フロントの女の子ツインボーカルをバックが音の波に乗せる。軽快に飛び跳ねながら歌う姿は、見てる人みんなを元気にしてくれる!

comment and photos by suguta
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5/28(日) 小倉FUSE(アコースティックLIVE)
6/11(日) 直方ブース
6/24(土) 高槻RASPBERRY
6/25(日) 心斎橋AtlantiQs
6/27(火) 名古屋アポロシアター
7/1(土) 長崎スタジオDO
7/16(日) 小倉FUSE(Rainingリリース記念UP STEADYワンマンLIVE)
7/22(土) 博多BEAT STATION
7/23(日) 鹿児島SRホール

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button 2006

button Up Steady : (21st May @ Fukuoka The Voodoo Lounge)
button eastern youth : (21st May @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1)
button Bull's Eye : (1st Apr @ Nishikokura WOW)
button 学生・主婦・パート : (1st Apr @ Nishikokura WOW)
button The Travellers : (4th Mar @ Fukuoka Soul Bird)
button The Portugal Japan : (21st Jan @ Kumamoto Django)
button Thee 50's high teens : (21st Jan @ Kumamoto Django)

button 2005

buttonQuruli : (23th Nov @ Zepp Fukuoka)
button Hole Trap : (18th Nov @ Kumamoto Django)
button Theatre Brook : (23th Sep @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1)
button Big John Tenta : (21st Aug @ Kumamoto Castle)
button 3.6Milk : (12th Jul @ Kumamoto Django)
buttonBlack Bottom Brass Band : (11th May @ Kumamoto Battle-Stage)
button The Poltugal Japan : (2nd Apr @ Kumamoto Django)
buttonBig John Tenta : (26th Feb @ Kumamoto Battle-Stage)
buttonArts : (26th Feb @ Kumamoto Battle-Stage)
button Yo-King : (2nd Feb @ Kumamoto Django)

button 2004

button Dexied The Emons : (4th Dec @ Kumamoto Django)

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