buttonSka Cubano @ Roppongi Hills Arena(2nd May '06)

Happy When It Rains As Havana Comes To Tokyo

Ska Cubano
      "Got your tape and it changed my mind. Heard your voice in between the lines. Come around from another time when nobody ever goes." Okay, sure this event by promoter Conversation has nothing to due with SEMISONIC, BUT these lyrics certainly do in reflecting the instantaneous and sustaining sunshine from 11-member SKA CUBANO. Bringing sweet relief to hard-pressed Tokyoites on an unusually chilly, drizzly night within the well-heeled, boutique-filled Mori Arts complex, this open-air event could have easily been seaside in Havana or Kingston as wide smiles, happy feet and clanking bottles were the rule throughout.

Ska Cubano      With colorful decorations both flanking and adorning the stage by long-time collaborator, friend and illustrator Tamie J.-Hirokawa, a percussionist from DOUBLE FAMOUS, the stage was perfectly set for SKA CUBANO to revel in their rousing revitalizations of the amassed. Sharing and reminding all of life's simple and universal pleasures, their coalescing creativeness from their native lands of Cuba, Jamaica, England and Japan radiated supremely through Natty Bo (vocals), Donaldo Flores (vocals), Rey Crespo (double bass), Jesus Cutino (tress guitar), Ernesto Estruch (piano/keys), Oreste Noda (percussion), Megumi Mesaku (alto & baritone saxophone), Lorenzo Cowan (tenor saxophone & flute), Dr. Sleepy (drums), Trevor Edwards (trombone) and the ever-animated Tan-Tan (trumpet).

Ska Cubano      Proudly promoting their infectious upcoming summer release 'Ay Caramba!' and prior self-titled debut, CUBANO smoothly sail in their rocksteady ska island infused-seas awash their individual and collective happiness mirrored fully on the floor. "Puttin' on the Ritz" style fun resplendently and stridently runs in the shared horn fluttering within "Istanbul" that has all swaying despite a carrying steady drizzle falling. Playfully punctuated by layering solos, "Natty No Dead" raises the tempo in the brisk walking romp. Donaldo breathes a bathing beauty in the big band horn opener Spanish-lipped "Babalu" that continues in "No Me Desesperes." The title track of the forthcoming release echoes resonantly in its frolicking, festive chorus amidst Zoot-suited Natty's warmly embraced encouragement. Donaldo and Natty swing side by side fueled by Oreste's congo conquests and Lorenzo's fluttering flute fluctuations with Natty giving it a fine Strummer approved finish. Yes, these roots go deep and wide. Hands up in the air welcome their first release in the easy ebb and flow of "Ska Cubano," Ernesto's playful keys, Tan-Tan, Trevor, Lorenzo and Megumi's soothing horns compliment Donaldo's lead and Natty's support for a Kingston Bay breeze close.

Ska Cubano      Yet with such one love momentum, SKA CUBANO simply cannot stop this cruise. Blaring his trumpet while ascending onstage, Tan-tan electrifies all with his human beat box deliveries to the shouts and clanking of beer bottles opening their final multi-solo salvo in an extended version of "Revolutionary Ska." Its high-stepping, skipping pulse ensures your mind, body and soul liberation.

      Despite an evening chill, Jamaica and Cuba have never been closer. Can't afford the airfare? SKA CUBANO will bring them to you, happily changing your mentality. Vamonos!
Ska Cubano

report by michael and photos by hanasan

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buttonHappy When It Rains As Havana Comes To Tokyo : (06/05/02 @ Roppongi Hills Arena) : review by michael, photos by hanasan
buttonphoto report : (06/05/02 @ Roppongi Hills Arena) : photos by hanasan
buttonColumn : もうすぐ煌めく黄金週間。幸せな長期休暇をルーディな匂いでプロデュースしませんか? : (06/04/28) : written by taiki, photos by suguta & hanasan

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Ska Cubano


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Ska Cubano

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Ska Cubano

"Ska Cubano"

"Ska Cubano" ( UK import )

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