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No Denying They Help Us Have It Much Better

Franz Ferdinand
      "I want you to want me," famous words uttered from Cheap Trick's Robin Zanders before tearing into their biggest hit within their legendary Budokan show captured live in 1978, putting it instantly on the map as one of the premiere venues to play. Decades later, England's easy going siblings quartet The Magic Numbers and Glasgow's own fab four Franz Ferdinand are the latest to proudly adorn it for a enriching rites of passage night for all to warmly share within its cavernous confines made cozy.

royksopp      While this reality ranks as a true career milestone and a subsequent pressure to cause implosions, it's taken in stride between siblings Romeo Stodart (lead vocals, guitar) and sister Michelle (bass) and brother Sean (drums) and sister Angela Gannon (melodica) in their outpouring of their self-titled debut. "You're in denial. You're in denial," from the infectious, urgent bouncing jangling country romp of "Mornings Eleven" embarks this communal celebration, immediately enamoring all into acceptance, as smiles spread wide with Romeo's being the biggest. As a tone of warm assurance from a life lived and loved better is here and now to be had, the sweet racing bass-buttoned "Forever Lost" gushes amidst their four knowing glowing faces, witnessing a sea of hope expand. The unbridled, beautiful bursting ode of yearning of "Love Me Like You" further rounds out this warm and fuzzy feeling throughout in due preparation for Franz's fever to tell amidst an impressive jumbo screen backdrop.

royksopp      With Numbers' Romeo and Michelle quietly sitting amongst Franz fans in the center back above the mixing board unknown to most until the end, Alex Kapranos (lead vocals, guitar), Nick McCarthy (vocals, guitar, keys), Bob Hardy (bass) and Paul Thomson (drums) rush onstage. Setting a nonstop pace abreast their first 14 cuts, the storming, skipping, pumping dissonance of "This Boy" from their highly acclaimed sophomoric effort You Could Have It So Much Better opens matters in absolute perfection, reaping a raucous receipt mirrored in their still giddy delight reminiscent of their inaugural Japan date at Fuji Rock '04. Keeping the momentum, they launch into their high-stepping Big Country flavorings in "Come On Home." Home? By the looks of it, Tokyo may very well be their second home as Alex happily quips, "I'd have to say I admire the dancing" upon finishing "The Dark Of The Matinee." Aided additionally by Thomson's good mate Andy Knowles (keys, percussion), it really couldn't get much better as a comfortable ascension in raw power unfurls, whether between the four or five between albums. With massive black and white portraits of each member on a resplendently red vertical backdrop a la Kraftwerk draping to the stage split in pairs by a center jumbo screen displaying all the house action about, Franz joyously finish on the natural dance inducer "Michael."

royksopp      Proving once again it IS so much better on holiday, a sole spotter on Kapranos and his acoustic and just one strum unleashes the coming frenzied joy in " Jacqueline." Bringing a bit of bracing shuffling funk into the mix, a multiple percussive rumbling rendition of "Outsiders" hypnotizes all in its resonant tribal trio offerings shared between Thomson's skips and fills, Nick's frantic, frenetic jabs and Hardy's anchoring as Alex's synthesizers lushly layer with beaming grins between them wide and wild. "This Fire" ends this building indoor bonfire of belief and good living. As an enormous Rising Sun flag hangs majestically from the center rafters high above, Franz proudly and collectively bow with eyes alive as children on Christmas morning. Better? Well, rest assured these lads will make it happen, perhaps with some Magic.
Franz Ferdinand

report by michael and photos by izumikuma
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