buttonAimee Mann @ Ebisu Liquid Room (3rd Oct '05)

Tales Of Codependence Score A T.K.O. In Tokyo

Aimee Mann
      "We're the same sad story that's a fact. One step forward, two steps back." Hard-hitting words of the sobering kind for the poignant realization of a doomed codependency from Bruce Springsteen's quietly painful ode to dysfunction from Tunnel Of Love (1987), a tragic, perplexing reality also evident in Mann's fifth release, the beautifully thematic The Forgotten Arm (2005). Impressively banged out in just 5 days, keeping it raw and Aimee Mannimmediate, would Mann and her 4-piece be able to replicate those lingering feelings found at the end of our most intense relationships, remembered for the ages or be just chucked into the trunk of those to be forgotten department?

      As the first bell rung, they calmly took to the ring and eased into the strolling, rumbling confessional "Dear John" from The Forgotten Arm to a warm 'Unplugged' audience, making way for Mann's 'VH1 Storytellers' Tokyo night. She kept the pace of this bout measured, letting her husky voice sooth like a hot post match steam bath between rounds. And while the Virginian mildly threw her punches, she made each count to score the necessary winning points each round, whether landing the lazy, rolling "Save Me" from Magnolia, her new acoustic "She Really Wants You" or the walking, drifting searcher "King Of The Jailhouse" that bathed in its country-tinged Aimee Mannurgency where you felt the influence of past ringside coaches The Band. Finishing with a final flurry in "Voices Carry," Mann and her corner showed the yearning vigor of a young contender in its building, crescendo finish.

      Naturally winning this bout as expected of any reigning champ in their class, Mann still failed to register a conclusive knockout with this ringside fan. Perhaps this prizefighter needs to watch Rocky IV for motivation to get that hunger back. Ironically reflected in the title of one of her liveliest early rounds, "Going Through The Motions," this night felt a bit like that. It was a win for the Mann corner, but yet bittersweet.

Aimee Mann
report by michael and photos by sam

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buttonphoto report (05/10/03 @ Liquidroom Ebisu) : photos by sam

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