button Jack Johnson w/G.Love & Special Sauce
@ Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball (25th May '05)

Shared Sauce...Jack 'N' G. Love's 7-Date Shared Kitchen Opens Briskly - part2 -

Jack Johnson
Giving a necessary long breather for our bellies to expand and make room for more after such multiple satisfying starters steadily ingested, the ever-sunny Jack Johnson saunters onstage as all inside roar upon this chef's relaxed entrance in t-shirt and blue jeans and of course that trademark, infectious wide smile of his as he holds his trusty acoustic. Never one to undervalue the importance of his own sauce potency, Jack adds veteran keys journeyman Money Mark to his usual kitchen ingredients of Merlo Podlewski on bass and Adam Topol on drums to ensure a full-flavored cooking for this second and extended round of courses.
Jack Johnson

As his smile briefly wanes, Jack opens his 4-manned kitchen to the bouncing, carefree beauty of "Never Know" that gets a cascading peppering from Money Mark's keys that adds to its simple richness and foreshadows all the good food to be forthcoming out of this kitchen in their 2 hour all you can eat buffet.
Just as his funk-soul-blues brother G. Love, Jack smoothly leads his crack kitchen crew in an assortment of savory selections that starts from his latest 'In Between Dreams' (2005) menu, back to his first menu's fare of 'Brushfire Fairytales' (2000) interspersed with some unforeseen, complimenting side dishes not his own.

Jack Johnson
As the satisfaction of each subsequent platter builds amongst Merlo's dub bass, Adam's crisp steadying snare work found within his timekeeping and Mark's seasoning, Jack's wide smile clearly fails to fade away as do theirs, spreading throughout as this famed Hawaiian surfer minstrel continually serves it up to stir us up to the simple joys of life that's drawn this diverse houseful of people. This kitchen's reassuring and disarming aroma filters out to the increasing appetites as one patron happily loses herself and climbs on the shoulders of another with both hands up in the air in utter gratitude as the flowing smoothness of "Gone" breezes along into the mid-tempo "Banana Pancakes." This gratitude unfurls further into a sea of sing-along and clapping for "Bubble Toes" that Jack slyly inserts The Temptations' "My Girl" just as he later does with Sublime's "Badfish" into the tail end of his "Horizon." On the contrary, this fish is anything, but just that and with none in sight.
Jack Johnson
Jack JohnsonJack Johnson

Or perhaps this night's top fare was Jack's kitchen invitation for some dessert with G. Love for the last communal feed of "Rodeo Clowns" and "Mud Football" that had Houseman harmonizing on Topol's kit to their unbridled shared happiness and G. Love emceeing for a short stint over Madonna's "Holiday." But then again, some would say that it would be Jack's solo encore nightcap that opens with "Times Like These", giving one final frosting to the earlier sweets.
And with no disappointing dish leaving this kitchen that Jack built, perhaps the hardest part for all patrons is deciding which is their favorite or favorites for that matter. Besides the aforementioned, "Staple It Together" shines further in its rock steady glory as does the rollicking, raucous blues of "Flake." "Inaudible Melodies" resonates deeply for this houseful of patrons all too familiar with moving too fast and now calmly bask in the unrushed manner of this feast.

Jack Johnson
Well, no matter your opinion, it's all understood as this internal urban beach had sunshine shining brightly as Jack and G. Love's finely honed and shared kitchens created a seaside restaurant reflecting the scenery to be found in any dining room where food coma signifies an ultimate satisfaction as all faces served are happily and restfully relaxed. Yeah, it was that easy as these iron chefs' in musicology did what's natural to them. Earlier Jack quietly asks in song," Where did all the good people go?" They're right here man. Right here.

report by michael and photos by yusuke

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