button BOOM BOOM SATELLITES @ Ebisu Liquidroom (9th May. '05)

A Final Episode More Than Satisfying...
Boom Boom Satellites' Latest Reality Of Elevating Pleasures

They do say it's not what happens to you that matter most, but it's what you do when things happen to you that really does. Life's tests, the handling of adversity, either real or imagined, whether obstacles or disappointments, duly require a resiliency of unwavering inner strength to pull through undoubtedly. Certainly something that all can relate to in some way shape or form in describing their latest realities found either by choice and/or combined with chance. And in conjunction with the release of the highly anticipated Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Siths, much could be equally speculated about Boom Boom Satellites' 4th album 'Full Of Elevating Pleasures' as well as for their crucial tour finale.

After a slow, disappointing start as with the first 2 Star Wars episodes from the latest trilogy, Boom Boom Satellites aggressively launched a no-holds barred tempo-setting tour offensive this April amidst sluggish sales to raise the stakes. Never dissuaded in the face of skeptics that's become a hallmark of theirs since their inception back in the mid 90's, Masayuki Nakano (bass, programming) and Michiyuki Kawashima (vocals, guitar) along with longtime anchor Naoki Hirai (drums) simply put their combined skills into overdrive, once again showing that their opening night triumph that unleashed their latest burgeoning drum 'n' bass electro-rock rebellion was no one battle victory fluke. Their growing popular resistance, like any, created a liberating ruckus as word spread throughout and sold out shows ensued in their 10-date nationwide tour that ended this night in utter communal conviction and wild anticipation for a massive continual dispersion of their gospel at this summer's Fuji Rock (www.fujirockfestival.com).

With a bookend to bookend solidity an obvious modus operandi for Boom Boom Satellites, no filler nor idle chat were present once again with the square focus in taking you to their solar system as Liquid Room's overflowing floor into the outer perimeters ebbed and flowed in perfect hypnotic synchronization to this trio's sixteen cut tapestry. Opening with 'Pleasures' marching "Ride On," Satellites' long crusade to thread drum 'n' bass, funk seamlessly together began in earnest with no looking back as Naoki's repeating strikes to his snare led into Masayuki's chunky, digging lines as the troopers inside Liquid Room began their march as Michiyuki hurled his orders to stay the course.

Yet, if anything else, Boom Boom Satellites, purportedly like Revenge Of The Siths, drove further on, going heavier, deeper for maximum results. Channeling their coalescing strength swiftly into the searching drum 'n' bass sprawl of "Rise And Fall" with a further elongated, layered intro as Masayuki jumped about infectiously to the immense delight of all on the floor who followed suit relentlessly for tracks on end through the Gary Numanesque, stop-start manic electro drum 'n' bass convergence of "Spine" to then give a temporary relief with an octave up rendition of the acoustic and vocally-focused "Let It All Come Down." A short reprise on an otherwise full on advancement with successive waves of productive assaults, these three increasingly stirred subjects inside Liquid Room. While Michiyuki proclaims, "I got my back on the wall!" they mercilessly tear through "Moment I Count" in making it evident that every little counts in small amounts, but there is nothing small in the scale or scope of their assault on the senses in this finale. It is total and whole.
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"Spine" (MAXI)
"アップルシード オリジナル・サウンドトラック"(通常盤 / 限定盤)
"Sloughin'" (MAXI)
"On The Painted" (MAXI)
"On the Painted Desert" (US import)
" OUT LOUD" (国内盤, US import, UK import)
" Push Eject(MAXI)" (国内盤, UK import)
" ジョイライド"
" 7 Ignitions : Auto Rebirth" (UK import)

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