buttonBoom Boom Satellites @ Ebisu Liquidroom (7th Apr '05)

An Ongoing 8 Year-Old Reality Of Superfluous Elevating Pleasures... Boom Boom Satellites Christen Their Latest Most Welcomed Hedonistic Chapter

Boom Boom Satellites
Sit tight and listen keenly while I play for you a brand new musical biscuit!" Yes, an apt impassioned opening line from one the 80's legendary outfits, Big Audio Dynamite (The Clash's Mick Jones following project) that beautifully describes the night bestowed upon all within a brimming sold out Liquid Room for Japan's Sigue Sigue Sputnik birthed Boom Boom Satellites. As mantle bearers of an ever improbable dicey fusion of drum 'n' bass, jazz, funk, break beat, gospel and rock, not only did BBS once again show that they are one of the masters of this multitude of cross-pollination, but even more importantly and pleasingly are one of the innovators.
Boom Boom SatellitesJust releasing their 4th album of nonstop soulful exuberance in the dead-ringer titled 'Full Of Elevating Pleasures (Sony)' 2 weeks prior and commencing a 10 date Japan tour for it both beginning and ending at Tokyo's newly located famed Liquid Room, BBS' Masayuki Nakano (bass/programming) and Michiyuki Kawashima (vocals/guitar) took to the stage alongside drummer Naoki Hirai in an overflowing temple of believers enthralled by this threesome and their fervent, punctuating and rewarding sound sculptures that had the whole house in a set long full of ebb and flow.

With no opening act and a clear sole focus on them, their cumulative discography and an obvious anticipation to the follow-up to 2002's well-received 'Photon (Sony),' BBS silenced any naysayer or loyal disciple why they have been and remain a relevant force in music both live and in the studio earning cherished spots in festivals such as Glastonbury and Fuji Rock here in Japan. Duly working off each other and the faithful in front of them where absolutely no empty spaces remained, neither Michiyuki nor Masayuki minced words to mess with their devout message through their potent, yet expansive music as drummer Naoki beamed in absolutely glee as he complimented the programming with furious stop-start fills and high-hat crashes.

Boom Boom Satellites
Smoothly and succinctly, Boom Boom Satellites beautifully crushed through a nearly 2 hour set amassed from their 4 albums as almost the entirety of 'Full Of Elevating Pleasures' being successfully test-marketed as these sonic priests had clearly made Liquid Room into their budding temple for a non-denominational service of mutual assured satisfaction. Beginning matters with the epic swirling, crashing drum fills and cymbals ignited 'Rise And Fall,' immediately arms were all up in the air in elation as Michiyuki dispensed his questioned yearnings as a knit-beanie wearing Masayuki positioned himself confidently behind his multiple decks and machines as he prepared to soon lose himself in his feverish grooves or subsequent bass licks that kept this initial elation seamlessly sustained, nourished throughout, particularly with the following walking, pounding bass and bass drum driven "Ride On" that oozed a knowing cool attitude. Thunderous floor-moving pleasers abounded solidly as this gathered trio simply refused to let up minus the skipping sunny acoustic of "Let It All Come Down" as their final devastating closing blow came with the ever ominous, relentless and defiant "Your Reality Is A Fantasy, But Your Fantasy Is Killing Me" that clearly had all body, minds and souls present wildly alive from front to back and side to side in self and group assertion.

Killing fields? Oh yes, but these hedonistic ones are necessary to continue worldwide in the transportable, genre-generational bridging unit that is Boom Boom Satellites.
tour schedule:

4/11 Sendai Club Junk Box : info : www.kyodolives.co.jp
4/14 FUKUOAKA Drum Logos : info : www.tsukusu.jp
4/16 HIROSHIMA Club Quattro : info : www.candy-p.com
4/18 OSAKA Big Cat : info : www.smashwest.com
4/19 NAGOYAClub Quattro : info : www.jailhouse.jp
4/21 TOYAMA Club Mairo : info : www.fobkikaku.co.jp
4/25 SAPPORO Penny Lane : info : www.wess.jp
4/29 TOKYO Shibuya-AX : info : www.smash-jpn.com
5/19 TOKYO Liquid Room : info : www.smash-jpn.com

report by michael and photos provided by smash
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"Spine" (MAXI)
"アップルシード オリジナル・サウンドトラック"(通常盤 / 限定盤)
"Sloughin'" (MAXI)
"On The Painted" (MAXI)
"On the Painted Desert" (US import)
" OUT LOUD" (国内盤, US import, UK import)
" Push Eject(MAXI)" (国内盤, UK import)
" ジョイライド"
" 7 Ignitions : Auto Rebirth" (UK import)

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