buttonShonen Knife with Polysics, Electric Eel Shock
@ Daikanyama Unit (19th Dec '04)

"And to all A Good Night" - part1 -

Shonen Knife
Buying Christmas presents can often be a gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking experience. Trying to find gifts that those close to you will cherish forever is tough. When you throw in things like searching for the right size, shape, and colour it can often be damn near impossible. To avoid all of these nuisances Shonen Knife decided to give the perfect present this year - live music. It's fun, it's memorable, and you never have to worry about returning or exchanging anything. With this in mind, Osaka's finest invited Electric Eel Shock, Polysics, and as many friends as they could ram into Unit as possible to take part in Shonen Knife's Space Xmas 04.
Electric Eel Shock
Electric Eel Shock

Having gained a good understanding of the English language from the insane amount of overseas touring they've done (the band have played in over 20 countries since releasing their debut album, Maybe... I think We Can Beat Nirvana, in 1997), Morimoto chose to address the audience primarily in English. Hands down the best line of the night came when the guitarist repeatedly growled at the audience "We are Electric Eel Shock. Who are you?" After asking several times he finally provided his own answer, "I know who you are, you are awesome."
Electric Eel Shock used their 45 minute set to profess their love for all things metal. Along with frontman Aki Morimoto's countless adoring rants the Japanese trio also managed to play a few well received songs as well. Morimoto and bassist Kazuto Maekawa bombarded the crowd with power chords and arena poses as they combined hard rock and punk with a bit of old school metal and a whole lot of fun.

Electric Eel Shock
Electric Eel Shock
If Morimoto was to ask the Polysics the same question, the answer above would have definitely applied to them. Coming out in matching orange coveralls and over-sized black sunglasses, the quartet instantly began to churn out their fantastic Devo-influenced new-wave sounds. Speaking through her vocorder, Kayo turned to the crowd and with a robotic voice wished everyone a Merry Christmas while her bandmates thrashed around on stage. Definitely one of the focal points of the show, she kept a very serious, deadpan persona while playing her keyboard and synthesizers. Grabbing a pair of gold pom-poms from under her instruments, she jumped up and shook them in a very calculated manner, keeping time with certain beats in the band's second song. With a large pool of strong material to draw from, the group's antics and awesome electronic-infused punk numbers were met with cheers and applause from the dancing audience. Lead by Yano's frantic drumming, guitarist Hayashi waved his guitar over the heads of the bouncing bodies up front as he sang the group's anthems. Aside from pausing briefly for Hayashi to deliver his own a-cappella versions of several Christmas carols, the Polysics kept the near-capacity venue moving with a rapid-fire delivery of musical gems. Near the end of their show, Hayashi put down his guitar and picked up a giant, plastic yellow hammer that had a small electronic device strapped to it. Shaking it violently, the toy omitted a loud buzzing noise that blended in nicely with the quirky music being created by the rest of the band. Running around on stage, he bopped as many fans as he could reach on the head with each hit adding to the overall sound filling the room.


report by shawn and photo by yegg

the photos were taken in Osaka on the 17th of December at Juso Fandango.

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buttonShonen Knife

buttonAnd to all A Good Night : review by shawn, photo by yegg (04/12/19 @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonphoto report : photo by yegg (04/12/17 @ Osaka Jyusan Fandango)
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