buttonNew York Dolls @ ZEPP tokyo (25th Sept '04)


NewYork Dolls
NewYork Dolls NewYork Dolls NewYork Dolls NewYork Dolls
NewYork Dolls
NewYork Dolls NewYork Dolls
NewYork Dolls
NewYork Dolls NewYork Dolls
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photo by saya38

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New York Dolls


previous works :

"New York Dolls" (US import / 国内盤 )
"History of the Dolls" (UK imort)
"20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the New York Dolls" (US imort)
"Great Big Kiss " (US imort / UK imort)
"ROCK'N ROLL" (国内盤 / US import with a bonus tarck)
"From Paris with L-U-V" (US import)
"Seven Day Weekend" (US import / (US import - DVD Audio)
"Live in NYC - 1975: Red Patent Leather" (US import)
"I'm a Human Being" (US import)
"Hard Night's Day" (US import)
"Lipstick Killers (Mercer St. Sessions)" (UK import / US import)
"After the Storm" (US import)
"Much Too Soon (悪徳のジャングル)" (国内盤 / US import)
"New York Tapes: 1972-1973" (US import)他多数

The latest work :

New York Dolls

"Pre-Crash Condition" (US import)
"Morrissey Presents: The ..." (UK import)

The latest DVD :

New York Dolls

"Morrisey Presents: Return of New York Dolls Live" (US import)

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previous works by saya38


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buttonKatteni Shiyagare (30th Dec @ Shibuya Club Quattro)

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