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@ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro (12th Jun '04)

Soul Flower Power - part 1 -

Soul Flower Union
Some bands play good music, and others play good shows; those that can manage both are worthy of our notice. Soul Flower Union proved itself such a posse at its June 12 concert at Club Quattro. This was a rollicking three-hour affair, reminiscent at times of The Pogues, and even of Springsteen, all the while grooving on a foundation of Japanese soul.
Soul Flower UnionSoul Flower Union

SFU sometimes performs as a folkier incarnation called Mononoke Summit, but on this night the band was in full rock-out mode. The show was replete with loud dance tunes and successful grand gestures; the audience bopped and sang along from first note to last. Occasionally SFU mixed up the pace with longer jams, but, as is so often the case, these semi-rambling improvs proved less memorable that the punchy numbers.

Soul Flower Union

For Westerners in Japan cautious of attempting penetration into the Japanese music world, a Soul Flower Union show is splendid place to start. Though I have little command of Japanese and came to the show as a SFU neophyte, the universality of the music, the obvious enjoyment and professionalism of the band, and the community feeling of the crowd dispelled any reservations from the get-go. And because much of the band's music has an Irish heart, anyone who favors that green island's sound will quickly find comfort here.

Soul Flower Union
Soul Flower Union
In terms of live performance, SFU isn't content merely to coast on a catalog of spirited songcraft. This band thinks about its physical impression on stage, and comes to work. At Quattro, sweat-drenched lead singer and main man Nakagawa-san energized partygoers with committed leadership and off-the-cuff cheery banter. A sense of organized chaos native to all good rock 'n' roll ruled the night.
Soul Flower Union SFU's musicianship was tight, featuring a particularly kickass bass. A parade of instruments went to and fro throughout the evening, and the band pulled off a variety of styles without forcing anything. The rhythm section was confident and reassuring throughout, under girding the operation to provide a sense of discipline and consistency.Overall, a ripping show, not to mention, at several thousand yen less than foreign acts charge, great value for money.
report by jab and photo by yegg
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