buttonThe Captains @ Shibuya CYCLONE (16th Apr '04)

The Captains
The CaptainsThe Captains The Captains The Captains The Captains
The Captains
The Captains The Captains The Captains
The Captains
The CaptainsThe Captains The CaptainsThe Captains
photo by saya38

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buttonphoto report (04/05/17 @ Shimokitazawa Que) : photo by maki
buttonphoto report (04/04/28 @ Shinjuku Marz) : photo by izumikuma
buttonphoto report (04/04/16 @ Shibuya CYCLONE) : photo by saya38
buttonブレイクするんじゃねえか!? の真相 (04/03/27 @ Akihabara Goodman) : review by joe, photo by saya38
buttonphoto report (04/03/27 @ Akihabara Goodman) : photo by saya38
button可能なるグループサウンズ (04/02/29 @ Shibuya Crest) : review by nob, photo by saya38
buttonphoto report (04/02/29 @ Shibuya Crest) : photo by saya38
buttonギラギラ男子を見ていたら眩しすぎて目が痛くなった (04/1/31 @ Shibuya Yaneura) : review by nob
buttonGSを知らない子供たち (03/10/9 @ Shibuya Nest) : review by nob

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