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@ Shibuya AX (5th Mar '04)

blessed to witness this show... - part 1 -

Ben Harper
Each live performance by Ben Harper and Innocent Criminals is unique. To my mind, this is attributable to each member's power and mastery as a musician being allowed the freedom to roam and explore a song each time it is played. This also explains why the band has released so many live albums - three(that I know of) in their scant 10-year history. And though the band does decide on a core list of songs for each tour, the set list for each show varies greatly.
The show last Friday (March 5, 2004) at Shibuya Ax in Tokyo was my fourth in two years. And it was by far the most intimate and personal performance I have yet experienced by the band. The set opened with my favorite track off Diamonds On The Inside - a rockin' version of "Brown Eyed Blues," which had everyone dancing. Next were several songs off the bands first two albums. First up was the reggae-ish "Excuse Me Mr." off Fight For Your Mind (1995), which then had everyone swaying in unison. Next was a deep and soulful rendition of "Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave" off Welcome To The Cruel World (1994). Ben Harper
Ben Harper Ben Harper Ben Harper
Ben Harper
But after another couple of songs, suddenly the stage lights were cut and Ben brought out a chair and placed it center stage. He then sat and played slide on his trademark hollow-necked Weissenborn guitar (and changed for at least one other guitar which he also played slide style). And so, right in the middle of the main set, we were treated to several songs with minimal accompaniment from the band, including "Gold To Me," "She's Only Happy In The Sun" and "Please Me," among others. Each was beautiful in its simplicity and sincerity. At other gigs I've been to this one-on-one setting, featuring Ben center stage under a single spot light playing his Weissenborn, is usually reserved for the encore.
report by sister chill and photos by hanasan

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