buttonMEST and GOB @ Shibuya AX (20th Jan '04)

Breaking From The Mold Of Bouncing Souls amp; Goldfinger
Canada's Gob amp cleanly as Chicago's Mest happily joke about in their long awaited and bracing return to Tokyo.
Good things come to those who wait they say and well, that tired, but true clich? rang true once again this chilly night in the confines of one of Tokyo's popular, yet notoriously antiseptic music venues, the conveniently and quaintly located Nescafe Shibuya-Ax. Nestled next to National Stadium between boutique-filled Harajuku and neon-lit Shibuya and adjacent to Yoyogi Park that's home to the widely-known Goth and punk culture in Japan, Shibuya-AX was soon filled with a searing anticipation that quickly made you forget the bone-chilling air of this night as the people steadily poured inside to witness an explosion of North American pop-punk culture.


While this may not have been a more popular weekend gig, the young ones of greater Tokyo came out in full for the rescheduled show that featured the ever emerging Canadian pop-punk veterans in the making Gob opening for friends Mest, the Midwest's crown princes of irreverence and obvious direct answer to Sum-41 to the North. Together, these North American special forces of raw angst and testosterone operated succinctly in sweet sublime with their catchy choruses, no holds barred vigor and outrageous, yet comedic juvenile sing-a-longs suggested and readily eaten up by the captivated faithful in their presence.
Not bad at all for a double bill that was almost not to be as they were first scheduled for a multi-date tour of Japan back in the fall of 2003, yet bumped back due to lead Mester Tony Lovato's sustaining a back injury. Sidelining his 4-piece's world tour alongside Gob's, it was now payback time for them and for all those hungrily waiting inside for months to reap their dual bounty. GOB
GOB Tit for tat, each had an ever impressive, yet different approach with their building discographies that eerily coincided with one another. While Mest returned to Japan this night in support of their 2003 self-titled Warner Brothers follow-up to their massive breakthrough 2001 album "Destination Unknown", Gob equalized this bill with their own highly-hailed 2003 "Foot In Mouth Disease' release on the heels of their own watershed album, 2001's "The World According To Gob.' What was imagined to be a top twin bill of pop-punk reckoning was all that and more, resplendent with a building momentum that directed all to soldier on in the cold outside long past the finish.
As the slated start time of 7 passed, the growing edginess within AX was readily apparent as the sonic teasers persisted with Green Day's legendary "Dookie" was cranked to prep the readied masses. With the rousing chorus of "Welcome to Paradise" blaring away, the lights dimmed as Gob took the stage in marked confidence as a huge long-lasting roar endured and their wide smiles ensued as the music continued.
report by michael and photo by nachi

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buttonphoto report : (03/4/26 @ Akasaka Blitz) : photo by maki

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