button Metallica @ Nagoya Rainbow Hall(14th Nov, 2003)

illustration by chika

buttonmag files : Metallica

buttonphoto report : (11/6 @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan) : photo by ryota
button分厚い刃物で押しつぶされた夜 : (11/6 @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan) : review by joe, photo by ryota
button体を動かせ、拳を突き出せ、大きく叫べ! : (11/6 @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan) : review by ali, photo by ryota
buttonphoto report : (11/7 @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan) : photo by keco
button老いは恥ずべきことじゃない : (11/7 @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan) : report by nob, photo by keco
buttonここは戦場じゃない : (11/9 @ Sapporo Makomanai Ice Arena) : report by ysmz, photo by q_ta
buttonphoto report : (11/11 @ Saitama Super Arena) : photo by saya38
buttonメタリカのファンは世界一だ : (11/11 @ Saitama Super Arena) : review by toddy, photo by saya38
buttonphoto report : (11/14 @ Nagoya Rainbow Hall) : photo by saya38
buttonillustration report : (11/14 @ Nagoya Rainbow Hall) : illustrated by chika

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The official site



the site by record company


the latest album


"St. Anger"
(US import / US import - with bonus DVD / 国内盤 / 国内盤BOX Limited Edition)

singles and more

"Unnamed Feeling [7 trax] "(UK import -with video / / 国内盤)
"St. Anger [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"Frantic [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"Mama Said [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"The Memory Remains [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"Hero of The Day [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"Turn The Page [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"One [MAXI] " (国内盤)
"Wherever I May Roam [MAXI] " (国内盤)

the previous works

"Master of Puppets" (US import / UK import / 国内盤 / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"Metallica" (black album) (US import / US import DVD audio / UK import / 国内盤 / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"Ride The Lightning" (UK import / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"...And Justice For All" (US import / UK import / 国内盤 / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"Kill 'em All" (US import / UK import / 国内盤 / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"Live Shit" (US import / 国内盤 - Limited Edition)
"S & M" (US import / US import - Clean Version / UK import / 国内盤 - Limited Edition)
"Garage Inc. " (US import / US import / UK import / 国内盤)
"Load " (US import / UK import / 国内盤 / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"Reload " (US import / UK import / 国内盤紙 / 国内盤紙ジャケット仕様)
"Maximum Metallica " (UK import)
"Metal Militia " (UK import)
"The Metallic-Era, Vol. 2 " (US import)
"X-Posed: The Interview " (UK import)

compilation etc

"Mission Impossible 2 [Soundtrack] " (国内盤)
"Blackest: A Tribute to Metallica " (US import)
"Blackest Album, Vol. 2: An Industrial Tribute to Metallica " (US import / UK import)
"A Punk Tribute to Metallica " (UK import)
"Overload: A Tribute To Metallica " (US import)
"Phantom Lords: A Tribute to Metallica " (UK import)
"Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica, Vol. 2 " (US import)
"A Metal Tribute to Metallica " (US import)
"A Tribute to Metallica " (UK import)

the latest DVD


"Some Kind of Monster"
(US import / 国内盤 / 国内盤 Limited Edition)

"Review: Kill Em All to St Anger"(US import)
"Cunning Stunts"(US import / US import - Jewl)
"Cliff Em All"(US import / US import)
"Live Shit : Binge & Purge"(US import)
"Dark Souls: Unauthorized"(US import)
"Metallica"(US import / US import - Limited Edtion / 国内盤)
"Rock Warriors Unauthorized"(US import)
"Year & A Half in the Life of Metallica Parts 1 & 2"(US import / US import)
"S & M (2pc)"(US import / US import - Jewl / 国内盤)
"Metallimania: Metallica Rockumentary"(US import)
"History of Metallica"(US import)
"Guitar Method: Metallica 40 Killer Riffs"(US import)
"Metallica: Guitar Legendary Licks 1988-1997"(US import)
"Guitar Method: In the Style of Metallica"(US import)
"Metallica: Drum Legendary Licks 1988-97"(US import)

Hip Hop Tribute to Metallica -->Hip-Hop Tribute to Metallica

check the albums?


(25th Dec @ Nagoya Apollo Theater)
(14th Nov @ Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
(11th Nov @ Nagoya Bttom Line)
buttonOOIOO / KIM GORDON & Sweet Ride
(25th Oct @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonThe White Stripes
(23rd Oct. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Cooper Temple Clause
(13th Oct. @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonHANOI ROCKS : 30th Sep. @ The Shepherds Bush Empire)
buttonThe Used
(31st Aug. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonPati Smith
(21st Jul. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonRhett Miller
(9th Jun. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
(2nd Jun. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonAmerican HiFi
(29th May. @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonLisa Loeb
(27th May. @ Nagoya Botom Line)
(26th May. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonThe CORAL : 19th Apr. @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonAsian Dub Foundation : 4th Apr. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonString Cheese Incidents
(10th Apr. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
(28th Mar. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
(22nd Mar. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonJohnny Marr & the Healers
(4th Mar. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Get Up Kids
(28th Feb. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonSonic Youth
(20th Feb. @ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonThe Parkinsons
(4th Feb. @ Nagoya Apollo Theatre)
(31st Jan. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
(20th Jan. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Jeevas
(8th Jan. @ Nagoya Club Quattro)

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