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hotter and more humid ever!

When I arrived at Club Quattro I felt strangely out of place. Not only was I the only foreigner in sight, but I was also one of the few in attendance who wasn't wearing Kemuri T-shirt. Always a sucker for fitting in I quickly remedied the situation by visiting the merchandise table. After talking with some people it became clear that these were serious fans' not one person was seeing Kemuri for the first time, except me. Besides Kemuri T-shirts these fans had done their homework and many were wearing the checkered Vans so popular with 2nd wave ska groups and obvious Kemuri influences like Madness and The Specials.
Kemuri Though fashion is always interesting in Japan the real entertainment started with Van Halens "Jump" being played as opening act Suck Down took their places on the stage. With an intro like that I wasn't sure what to expect. Thankfully they weren't cheesy rock imitators. Suck Down is pure RAWK. The lead singer has a tremendous amount of charisma and stage presence. The song selection was perfect for such a short set, full of high-energy tunes. Despite their high-energy there was little crowd response to Suck Down. The rock music was so different from Kemuri that it was a little hard for the crowd to accept, but eventually they gained interest in it and were their appreciation for the act when the set ended.
The devoted fans became rapt with attention when it became clear that Kemuri would start soon. They were more than ready for the main event. The second Kemuri hit the stage and launched into their first song madness ensued. Suddenly, bodies pressed against the stage, glitter was flying through the air, and the crowd surfing began. Kemuri
report by tikigirl and photo by hanasan

The first part of the set was filled with powerful tunes that embodied Kemuri's slogan of Positive Mental Attitude (or PMA). "Part To Play" is about how everyone in the world has a place for him or herself. Yes, it's confusing, but it's also encouraging to know that you do have a place in the world. PMA is also seen in "One Straight Punch" a very danceable tune about celebrating life and the beautiful world we live in.


Smashing Mag's report of KEMURI "TYPHOON TOUR"

8/30 @ Chiba Look / 9/1 @ Nagoya Club Quattro / 9/4 @ Yonago Belier / 9/5 @ Hiroshima Quattro / 9/7 @ Fukuoka Drum Logos / 9/9 @ Kagoshima Caparvo Hall / 9/10 @ Oita Drum Tops / 9/20 @ Kawasaki Club Citta

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