buttonKemuri @ Chiba Look (30th Aug '03)

The first day of "Typhoon Tour" -- part1

2 weeks after playing in front of over 20,000 people at Rising Sun Rock Festival in Ishikari Bay, Hokkaido, Kemuri kicked off their a-month-long-tour entitled "Typhoon" at a tiny venue in Chiba called "LOOK". I guess the amount of the people there was less than 200, but the venue was absolutely packed and the air was boliling hot.
Was there any difference of their performances in between that festival and this show? I should say "none" apart from the fact that there was an additional horn player, one of the original members.The guys' energy level was sky high as usual and the same happy smiles were found in the audience and themselves.
Kemuri KemuriKemuriKemuri Kemuri
Kemuri If there is any difference, it would be the distance in between the band and the audience. Fumio, the lead vocalist, was singing right in front of the faces of the kids singing along with the band. They can reach Fumio and the band can reach the audience... Indeed this is where Kemuri was born and some way somehow where Kemuri belongs to.

It should have been their triumph at Rising Sun Rock Festival to play in front of that many people and getting amazing reaction from the audience. There was no doubt to us all that Kemuri had a great success there and they appeared tremendously happy at the time, I remember.

But here we can see they are enjoying just being so close with the kids and appeared much happier. Here agan through this tour, it seems they are trying to find out the reason why they play music and sing by starting off from this tiny square room.

comment and photo by hanasan

Smashing Mag's report of KEMURI "TYPHOON TOUR"

8/30 @ Chiba Look / 9/1 @ Nagoya Club Quattro / 9/4 @ Yonago Belier / 9/5 @ Hiroshima Quattro / 9/7 @ Fukuoka Drum Logos / 9/9 @ Kagoshima Caparvo Hall / 9/10 @ Oita Drum Tops / 9/20 @ Kawasaki Club Citta

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