button EVANESCENCE @ Shibuya AX (28th JULY '03)

-- Make It a Double -- part1


Since they were already making the long trek to Nippon to play Fuji Rock, Evanescence thought to themselves "why not make it a double." Coming off of a very successful Sunday afternoon performance on the Green Stage, the Little Rock, Arkansas quintet decided to make their way to Tokyo for a sold out show at Shibuya AX.

Sauntering onto the dark stage as background music played, the group instantly kicked into "Going Under", their newest single off of their recent album, Fallen. With the band laying down a strong electronic groove, lead singer Amy Lee emerged from the shadows. A loud roar erupted from the capacity audience as she picked up her microphone and began singing. Belting out her awesome, powerful vocals against the heavy nu-metal sound provided by her band mates it quickly became evident why Lee has emerged as the current dark princess of the hard rock scene. Her amazing vocal range, emotional intensity, and stage presence has helped the 20 year old propel Evanescence to the top of the charts in North America, Europe, and Japan.


Looking to showcase what has made them stand out from the rest of the rock world, Lee and her voice were the focal point of tonight's 50 minute performance. Her crisp, clear, angelic vocals were pushed to the top of the musical mix and her constant movement ensured that all eyes remained glued to her. Hammering out nine of Fallen's eleven tracks, Lee jumped around, danced, pumped her fists, and made grasping gestures towards the audience while singing.

report by shawn and photos by saya38

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