buttonThe Coral @ Shinjuku Liquid Room (20th April '03)

"True Seafarers: Vast, Vibrant And Everpresent
As Their Name Befits Are The Coral"
With rock steady music casually playing prior and building the atmosphere inside a swelling, soldout Liquid Room in Tokyo's notoriously seedy Kabukicho district, the lights suddenly dimmed as the triumphant defiant theme of the "Indiana Jones" trilogy blared loudly as the septet from Liverpool took the stage with absolute confidence to the roaring hysteria of 800 strong within. An apt way to introduce a band whose lush psychedelic-rock crusading sound and ever expansive forays into other genres definitely puts them out in the forefront of bands whose music and attitude sprawls all over the world, searching for treasures as Indy himself did in his movies. Like Dr. Jones, these six would not be denied their booty as they would do whatever, however to get what was theirs.
The Coral The Coral The Coral
One must wonder how such maturity and ingenuity could be found within a band who's oldest member and lead singer had barely been walking after the release of "Raiders Of The Lost Ark," but clearly evident in both their self-titled release of last year on Epic Records International as well by their incendiary lives. Their Liquid Room outing would be no different as The Coral showed just why they have been hailed as saviours to rock 'n' roll. By repeatedly giving a hearty dose of their extra-strength medicinal power from a fierce, crescendo-ending 14 leg voyage that dispensed elements of James, Syd Barrett era Floyd, Wonderstuff, The Pogues, The Doors, The Stone Roses, Gomez, they still unmistakably charted their own course to be shared and remembered for long after their achoring and shore leave in Tokyo.
The Coral The CoralThe Coral The Coral
As any successful voyage, from embarkment to both the forseeable and unforeseeable challenges and rewards faced upon any open sea to the subsequent resonating climax of any homecoming, The Coral navigated these waters as other past luminaries from Liverpool and elsewhere have. Opening up with the chorus led glory of "Spanish Main," lead vocalist James Skelly captained this ship out of the harbor determinedly with his usual exemplary crew of Ian Skelly(drums/percussion), Nick Power(organ, harmonica, organ, stylaphone), Bill Ryder(guitar, trumphet), Lee Southall(guitar, vocals), and Paul Duffy(bass, sax, vocals). As soon as they cast off, a steady rising and falling, swaying to the left and to the right accompanied each leg of their epic journey, each garnering a unique yet strong response from the collective work o! f these six shipmates

report by michael and photo by maki
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