buttonString Cheese Incident @ Shibuya AX (13th April '03)

"An Easy Peaceful Feeling Made Possible In Central Tokyo"
-- Part1 --

String Cheese Incident

The pristine and wondrous beauty to be found in the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado are more than 7,000 miles away from Tokyo, yet that is precisely what was achieved in Tokyo this night by the kindness and creative generosity of the 5 talented souls who made their second appearance to Japan following their warmly received inaugural performance at last year's Fuji Rock Festival. In their first ever official tour of Japan, Michael Kang(vocals, mandolin, guitar, violin), Billy Nershi(vocals, acoustic guitar), Michael Travis(drums, percussion, vocals), Keith Moseley(bass), and Kyle Hollingsworth(piano, organ, Rhodes, synthesizer, vocals) took to the stage at Shibuya-AX in their usual undiminishable great spirits to deliver a double set of music that would follow in the same vein of other great jam bands as Phish and the legendary Dead.
String Cheese Incident

Showcasing all their cumulative fine wares coalesced from 5 albums work and over 1,000 performances in their 2 sets this night, the Cheese just showed why their fervent following cannot be stopped and is only destined to grow wider and stronger as long as they stay together to channel their creative, impassioned energies together. Opening up with the Pink Floyd/vintage Santana vibes of their "Lonesome Fiddle Blues" from their 1997 self titled album and never looking back, the Cheese moved without hesitation in their promotion of all that is alive and full of soul as Michael went to work on his mandolin as Kyle hit his keys as the others did their part to help reverberate all those good long-lasting vibrations within the normally artificial confines now suddenly turned organic and cozy thanks to their collective handiwork which was duly reciprocated by their fans present.

String Cheese Incident

As the innards of Shibuya-AX filled in intense anticipation of the commencement of the last chapter of The String Cheese Incident's Japan tour, it soon took shape as the lights went low as the circular screen featuring their 'Round The Wheel' cover of their 1998 release illuminated prominently in the background as the howls and cheers went rampant throughout this brimming house of love. Soon running onto and circling the stage with his boyish energy, Billy Nershi led the way for this quintet of peace, love and understanding which that other Costello was talking about, but just in another genre and in another decade of course. In no time, both Michael's, Keith and Kyle soon followed Nershi's reckless abandon with their huge smiles riding across their faces as they just knew tonight would be another special night for the building of their ever burgeoning String Cheese community worldwide.

String Cheese Incident
report by michael and photo by mari.

*The photos were taken on the 12th at the same venue.

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