button Sonic Youth@Akasaka BLITZ (18th Feb '03)
-- Part1 - METALCHICKS --

In a 2 act night of equal parts harmony and disharmony, Tokyo's Metal Chicks ( suGar from Buffalo Daughter and Yoshiko from DMBQ) combined with New York's melodic noise icons Sonic Youth to dispense their respective collaborations which merge together elements of jazz, rock, psychedelia, tribal, and funk to a give us a rich tapestry of sound to immerse ourselves into and to enter another universe. These universes were void of the current growing geo-political affairs as well as silly sugary fantasies, but an open portal into one's raw, primal, real, and earnest hopes and fears to be gathered from the interplay of sound and vision within oneself as well as with others and the bands themselves as a much needed release from everyday anxieties.
Walking onstage in a rather subdued manner, Tokyo's 2-piece creation known as Metal Chicks quickly launched this powerhouse night of merging and dividing music in its tight 25 minute set. Consisting of Yoshiko from DMBQ (drums/ vocals) as well as suGar from Buffalo Daughter ( guitar/ sequencer / vocals), these two duly executed together their unique cuts that could possibly be best described as Fugazi meets early Metallica meets Bow Wow Wow meets Dead Kennedy's meets Devo to show us that a powerfully rich soundscape can be forged from just two people.
Whether singing alone or together, what made Metal Chicks rock in this concise set was their beautiful ability to know when to blend together or split apart in each cut. Their brief, but well appreciated set was clearly an ode to Sonic Youth with suGar's disconnected chord progressions melding into Yoshiko's high-hat, bass drum heavy sunbursts.
While only playing 5 cuts, these cuts proved evoke intense emotions from their nightmarish, frantic, raw edges in music and lyrics, once having Yoshiko pounding away a tribal Bow Wow Wow/ Adam Ant drumbeat as suGar was scaling away and screaming,"I'm in pain!" But pain was the last thing that could be said about this twosome, but certainly this was just a taster, a sampler to whet our appetite for the main dish from New York.

report by michael and photos by saya38

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buttonphoto report (03/02/21 @ Namba Hatch) : photos by ikesan
buttonillusration report (03/02/20 @ Nagoya Diamond Hall) : illustrated by chika
buttonphoto report (03/02/18 @ Akasaka Blitz) : photos by saya38
buttonphoto report (03/02/17 @ Akasaka Blitz) : photos by nachi
buttonソニックユースをめぐる断章 (03/02/17 @ Akasaka Blitz) : review by nob, photos by nachi
buttonハー... いいライブだったねー、ハー... (01/02/20 @ Akasaka Blitz) : review by mimi, photos by nishioka
button全存在を凝縮させたソニック・ロック (01/02/19 @ Akasaka Blitz) : review by satomi, photos by nishioka

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