buttonTHE PARKINSONS@ Shinjuku LOFT (20th Jan '03)

-- Part1 - Beehive --

As if the ghosts of punk legends Joe Strummer, D'arby Crash, Joey and Dee Dee Ramone were present in the comfy confines of Shinjuku's LOFT venue nestled within the bowells of the megalopis that is Tokyo, it was a beautifully raucous opening night for the Parkinsons' month long nationwide tour of Japan in their return since last year's blistering Fuji Rock experience. Armed this time with a tight "1-2-3-4" band lineup and set lists to match, it was a most special night bound for glory. More than living up to all the hype of a punk roots night of epic proportions, it was a mercurial lift-off for the Parkinsons as well as a boost for those other 3 bands performing this night, giving all present a full tank of sweat, power, and inspiration. With its end in Kyoto exactly one month later, one of the highlights for the Parkinsons surely shall be their inclusion at the February 7th edition of Magic Rock Out all night party in Kobe w! hich will have them light the match that night for the likes of Wilco, Death In Vegas, Foo Fighters, amongst others.
Yet this night in Shinjuku, the rising local 3-piece Beehive provided ignition to this 4 prong attack of sound and vision. "Let's have a party tonight!," screamed Beehive's lead vocalist and axe man as he and his counterparts perfectly executed punk rock love, passion, and its pure raw unrelenting power.

report by michael


As his bassist provided a hooking bass as well as backing harmonizing vocals found in the Bouncing Souls, his drummer kept a solid high hat and skipping beat going throughout their set that brou! ght together the earnestness of the Clash, the rawness of the Replacements, the rockabilly of X, the optimism of 7 Seconds and the still touring Bouncing Souls. Yes, they're that good, that fun, and that full-on.

Despite playing only 20 minutes, Beehive delivered all the goods that surely made all of the aforementioned punk legends proud as well as ensured that all present happily bounced about as we increasingly moshed together in warming up to what woud follow. Sporting and shredding on a flying v guitar alongside his unending effervesence that would not quit, Beehive's animated frontman duly inspired us all and his bandmates.

photo by saya38

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The Parkinsons in Japan

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