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The Jeevas

Few bands have instantly soared into the hearts and minds of fans worldwide do deeply, no matter what language nor creed, especially to such a great depth in Japan. Yet one band from the U.K. has done just that as they laid down their indestructible growing fan base with its Green Stage performance at last year's FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, setting afire a nonsubsiding fervent Japanese response that once again became clearly evident with its rampant success of this month's 8-date nationwide tour. Of course, the exceptional band which I'm referring to is THE JEEVAS, the impassioned 3-piece rock, blues, psychedelic, soul power creation of former KULA SHAKER frontman Crispian Mills ( vocals, guitar) that is made supremely complete by the handiwork of Andy Nixon ( drums, vocals) and Dan McKinna ( bass, vocals) to give us all a neverending most nourishing and inspirational melodic meal to savor from their joint execution.
The Jeevas

report by michael and photo by hanasan

The Jeevas

This night in Shibuya, Tokyo was once again another opportunity for THE JEEVAS to show just why it's no accident that they have such a rabid following in playing material from one of 2002's best releases without question, '1,2, 3, 4' (Epic Intl) , as well from the KULA SHAKER catalogue. No surprises here really, just Crispian, Andy and Dan doing what they do and love best to their utmost satisfaction and delight and subsequently for all others witnessing and partaking in this sumptous feast of sound and vision that left us duly satisfied as we walked into the cold air of Tokyo.

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The Jeevas
The official site is http://www.thejeevas.com/

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