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@ Yokohama Motion Blue (27th Sept '02)

Morgan Fisher

Morgan Fisher

Started off with a unique version of Eric Satie's classic number which reminded me of Tom Waits' smoky organ I witness about 15 years ago, the gig was proceeded with none of glamorous bits and pieces. You may know that what he does is called healing music in a record store, but who cares what it is called. To me, it was just bloody good and moving music.

His unique version of "La Mer" by Charles Trenet (using the original), and an exotic Egyptian song were fantastic, but, over all, I guess the most moving moment came when he played the classic of "All The Young Dudes" of Mott The Hoople with acoustic piano as something special to a musician he found in the audience, Todd Rundgren. This was not planned at all but real bonus of the evening to us. His vocals gave a touch of Mose Allison and this was the best ever version of this rock classic.

Morgan Fisher

A very simple gig... this was. There was nobody but just a musician, looks nothing special considering his career, on stage with some kbds and some odd music instruments. If you know he used to be a member of a band called Mott the Hoople, you might have expected some kind of flashy music from this gig, but it was not. There was not loud rock'n'roll or hyper techno shit, but just great moving music with simplicity.

Morgan FisherMorgan Fisher
Morgan Fisher
Morgan Fisher
I do not know how often he gives a gig, but if you find one, never ever miss it. You could find his info. at 


photo and comment by hanasan

Morgan Fisher

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