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Still "Perfect"...


Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Eddi Reader Anyone who's heard an Eddi Reader record knows that very few voices compare to hers. One can easily write about her range, vocally, but it doesn't end there. Reader has an exceptional talent for effortlessly changing the personality of her voice, as well as the octave. While her soft, lilting chords are what she is best known for, she is able belt out near operatic themes or purr like a velvety big band songstress when the mood strikes her.


I was lucky enough to experience this first hand last week at the LaForet museum in Roppongi. While LaForet is not my favorite stage, Reader was able to fill the entire place with the warmth and personality this venue truly needed.


She was joined by her main collaborator, Boo Hewardine, and fellow guitarist Colin Reid for a fully acoustic set. They began with the song, "Soul", with Reader's hands gesturing as if she were playing an invisible violin as she sang. An appropriate image, I thought, since many would consider Reader more a musician than just a singer. I speak not only of her guitar-playing talent, but also her voice, which she uses as an instrument in itself. Her voice control is like that of a trumpet- or piano-player, shifting keys, moods and volume levels with the ease of someone who truly felt music from an early age. Her years of playing on the streets of Europe have made her comfortable with herself and her voice.


After the opening number, there was the song "Holiday", with Reader joining Hewardine and Reid on guitar. Then there was "Kite Flyers Hill", the opening track from Angels and Electricity. The warm, reflective melody here put smiles on those seated in the crowd. The smiles became even bigger as "Prayer Wheel" and "Patience of Angels" followed.


Although she put forth the effort, Reader couldn't succeed in getting the crowd as involved as she may have liked. Several times she encouraged the audience to sing along, or even to bark and howl to her tune, "Wolves", but to no avail. The desire to sing along was there, I'm sure, since I saw a multitude of lips mouth the lyrics in the dark. Perhaps it was too intimidating, knowing our voices could never compare to what radiated out the Scottish siren before us.


Audience participation came in a different form halfway though the set, as Reader, midway though "Wolves", let out the softest, cutest sneeze imaginable. This drew laughter and applause from the crowd that until then had sat silent in awe. For that moment, Reader's soaring voice came back to Earth, and she was human again.


The ethereal sounds from the stage were not Reader's alone, mind you. The interplay of Hewardine and Reid's strings was magical in its own right - most notably in Reid's solos.


Reader put on her best sultry, Paris vixen voice for a lush version of the French standard La Vie En Rose", which went straight into "Candyfloss" and "The Wanting Kind", both showing the strength of Hewardine's backing vocals. Hewardine then played one of his own tunes, "The Birds Are Leaving", perhaps as a preview for his upcoming show at the Star Pines Caf? in May


The final number was "Paper Wings", my favorite off her new album, Driftwood. But it didn't end there. Reader, Reid, and Hewardine came out again for two request-filled encores. They tried their best to play every tune that fans shouted out, including the Fairground Attraction tunes "Perfect" and "Find My Love".


"When is the last train?" she asked the crowd, saying that this was her last show in Japan this time around and she was ready to sing until the crowd was satisfied. The shouted replies were: "Never Mind!" and "Play all night!" However, all good things eventually come to an end, as did this show. Reader left us with the classic, "Moon River", and then proceeded to come back for one last, solo encore. Her last number resembled a bouncy jazz tune, complete with muted coronet solos and scatting - all instrumentation done solely by her voice.


This lighter note was perfect as an ender, leaving the audience with the intimate feeling of a shared moment between friends. But as far as the chillbumps that her angelic and electric voice can raise.... Well, those lingered a little longer..
report by jinki and photos by hanasan
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