Kemuri @ Mad Studios(24th Feb '02)

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Our mag staffs have got a chance to catch up Kemuri, one of the top live acts in Japan, giving rare performances at a rehearsal studio in Nakano on the 24th as a part of a show of their friends' band. Probably it was the hottest and most steamy place they have ever played in as this tiny room was packed like a rush our train with about 50 people who luckily got a chance to witness this rare show. Their "emotivation" vol.2 tour starts on the 8th of May in which they will be visiting lots of tiny venues all over Japan. It will be another series of hot and steamy gigs... Don't miss 'em!
comment by hanasan and photos by nishioka

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buttonphoto report : (02/02/24 @ Mad Studios) : photo by nishioka
buttonHAPPYな一年になりそう : (02/01/11 @ Zepp Tokyo) : review by aya, photo by hanasan
buttonphoto report : (02/01/11 @ Zepp Tokyo) : photo by hanasan
button出会えて良かったよっ : (01/11/18 @ Shibuya On Air West) : review by ali, photo by hanasan
buttonphoto report : (01/11/16 @ Shibuya On Air East) : photo by hanasan
button帰国第一弾ライヴ・レポート : (99/06/24 @ Osaka Bayside Jenny) : review and photo by hanasan
buttonSET A FIRE IN THE US! : (98/05 in the U.S.A.) : report by hanasan

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buttonJoe Strummer & The Mescaleros (1st Nov @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonDate Cource Pentagon Royal Garden with BOAT, Panicsmile and DJ Captain Funk : (22nd Sept @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonAlec Empire : (28th & 29th Jul. @ Fuji Rock Festival)
buttonLOSALIOS (28th Jun. @ Nishiazabu Yellow)
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buttonSonic Youth with OIO : (20th Feb. @ Akasaka Blitz)
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buttonShibusa Shirazu (11th Jan. @ Shibuya Womb)


buttonElliott Smith (4th Jan. @ Shinjuku Liquidroom)

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