Dropkick Murphys
@ Shibuya On AIR EAST(16th Nov. '01)

Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys
photos by hanasan
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Dropkick Murphys

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Dropkick Murphys

"The Gang's All Here"
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"Do or Die" (US import / UK import / 国内盤)
"Walk Away" (UK import)
"The Business" (US import)
"Boys on the Docks" (US import)
"H2O / Dropkick Murphys slpit " (国内盤)他

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hanasan's works-->2002


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buttonGlastonbury 2000 - part1 (前日から1日目まで) : (28th June @ Pilton in Summerset)
button超弩級の重低音波状攻撃に昇天! : Fanfare Ciocarlia (14th May @ Barbican Centre, London)
buttonFemi Kuti : (14th Apr @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
button元マノ・ネグラのトム・ダーナル始動! : P18 (13th Mar from Madrid, Spain)
buttonJoe Strummer & The Mescaleros : (18th Jan @ Akasaka Blitz)


buttonRonのこと : Ron Sexsmith (20th Sept @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonめろめろです : eastern youth (10th Sept @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonまったりヴァイブ : Mishka (6th Aug @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonフェスまでわずか1週間の会場チェック : (24th Jul in Naeba)
buttonロンドン初のジャズ・レゲエ・ライヴ、好調な滑り出し! : Sandra Cross (6th Jun in London)
buttonWilko Johnson and Sheena & The Rokkets : (24th May @ Shibuya Quattro)
button歌心と魂のこもった感激のライヴ : Glen Scott (19th May @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonフジ・ロック・フェスティヴァル99の会場チェック : (22nd Apr in Tokyo)


buttonアコースティックでもソウルフルなフラワーズに感動です : Hothouse Flowers (21st Oct @ Shinsaibashi Quattro)
buttonAlice In Wonderlandの15周年記念イヴェント : Doctor & The Medics (Oct in London)
button入魂の写真集 : 久保憲司 (Aug in Tokyo)
buttonLA最強のライヴ・バンド、Ozomatliに注目! : Ozomatli (Sept in N.Y.C)
button再び泥まみれのグラストンバリーに15万人! - part3 - : Glastobury Festival (Jun in Pilton,, Summerset)
button再び泥まみれのグラストンバリーに15万人! - part2 - : Glastobury Festival (Jun in Pilton,, Summerset)
button再び泥まみれのグラストンバリーに15万人! - part1 - : Glastobury Festival (Jun in Pilton,, Summerset)
buttonKEMURI帰国第一弾ライヴ・レポート : KEMURI (24th Jun @ Osaka Bayside Jenny)
button3年ぶりに実現したSka Explosion大盛り上がり大会! : (17th May @ Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo / 19th May @ Shinsaibashi Quattro)
buttonSka Against Racism tour in the US : KEMURI (13th May @ Blasting Room in Fort Collins)
buttonThe New Sound Of Jazz Reggae Is Born! : Sandra Cross meets Alan Weekes (April in London)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals : (3rd Feb @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)

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