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buttonFrom Toru Suguta, we received his photo report of S.R.S (24th Apr. @ Fukuoka Drum Logos).(5/01)
buttonA band from southern part of Osaka, Jinny Oops! (24th Apr. @ Sakaihigashi Goith) was captured by Hiroshi Maeda and his photo report is posted. With a release of an album, "Eat Your Brain", the girls toured in Japan as well as 6 cities of the US including their appearance in SXSW, this was the final night of the tour.(5/02)
buttonFeat. Theatre Brook & Dachambo, there was one of those pre-events for Fuji Rock Festival called Liquid Heaven ver.6(29th Apr. @ Liquidroom Ebisu) held to re-create the vibes of a stage area called "Field(s) of Heaven" and Naoaki Okamura was there to cover the bands. His photo repots are both posted. Theatre Brook is back from 2 years absence and releasing a new album, "Intention" in June and a travelling band, Dachambo, has released a documentary DVD of their journey to Amamioshima Eclipse Road and will be releasing a new album on the 7th of July, the day of the Star Festival.(5/04)
button10 years after the Kobe earthquake, the manager of Star Club in Kobe, Mr. Matsubara and his lads started an annual free festival called "Going Kobe" to appeal to the world that Kobe is alive and recovering form the damage as well as to give thanks to a massive support the people received. This year the title has become "Comign' Kobe" and there were more than a hundred acts played on 11 stages all over in Kobe. Takumi Nakajima was there to cover some acts and his photo reports of New Rote'ka & Hey-Smith(2nd May @ Shukugawa Gakuin University). With a release of "Bessatsu New Rote'ka", New Rote'ka will be kicking off their 26th anniversary tour from the 9th @ Sapporo Colony and traveling all over Japan.(5/06)
buttonAgain from Takumi Nakajima, we received his hyper swift phto reort of Head Speaker (3rd May @ Ishiyama U-Stone), a bright up & coming band based in Wakayama. (5/07)
buttonA folkie duo, Humbert Humbert (2nd May @ Hattori Rykuchi Yagai Ongaku-Do) was captured by Hiroshi Maeda when they took a part in an annual open air festival in Osaka called Haru-ichiban which was started back in 1971. The duo is playing @ Club Gessekai in Kobe tomorrow and @ Kyoto Takutaku the day after tomorrow. (5/08)
buttonWhen Miyuki "sam" Smata was staying in New York, she covered Japan Nite US tour 2010(21st Mar. @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC) and did a shooting of the band played there. This time, her photo reports of Chatmonchy, Okamoto's & Jinny Oops! are all posted.(5/09)
buttonMiyuki "sam" Smata's photo reports of Omodaka & Red Bacteria Vacuum in Japan Nite US tour 2010(21st Mar. @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC) are both posted.(5/10)
buttonKoichi "hanasan" Hanafusa did a shooting of the godfather of Chinese rock, Cui Jian & one of the top bands from Beijing,Shouren - Thin Man (7th May @ Kawaguchi Lilia Hall) and his photo reports are both posted. Cui Jian remind us of Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 as his song, "Nothing to My Name" was sung by lots of the youth at the time at the place and he was a symbol of the rebel. Shouren - Thin Man was in Japan a way back in '00 played at Fuji Rock Festival. Their last show is @ Livebar X.Y.Z.→A in Hachioji tonight and they will be heading back to Beijing tomorrow. Also Naoaki Okamura's photo report of Taiji Sato's project, The Sun Paulo (5th May @ Kichijoji Club Seata) is posted as well. The drummer, Takashi Numazawa, has left the band from their album, "People Get Ready" released in April last year...(5/11)
buttonHiroshi Maeda was at 25th Haruichiban concert in Osaka, an open air music festival rooted its history to an event called "Be In Love Rock" back in 1970 and since 1971, it has been an annual festival in a season of what we call "Golden Week" there with 15 years of absence from 1980 to 1994. He did a shooting of Odoro Matilda (1st May @ Hattori Rykuchi Yagai Ongaku-Do) & Goodbye My Love (1st May @ Hattori Rykuchi Yagai Ongaku-Do) along with Humbert Humbert (2nd May @ Hattori Rykuchi Yagai Ongaku-Do) which was posted a while back.(5/12)
buttonAgain from Hiroshi Maeda we received his photo report of Tortoise (10th May @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro) who appeared in Fuji Rock Festival last year. The guys will be playing at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona on the 27th of this month according to the band's My Space.(5/13)
buttonKoichi "hanasan" Hanafusa covered Bill Laswell presents Tokyo Rotation 4 feat. DJ Krush, Toshinori Kondo & Hideo Yamaki(8th May @ Shinjuku Pit Inn) and his photo report is posted. You could check what is was about last year, here, with the same line-up, but you've got to be there to experience the real thing. It was a firing session of nu jazz.(5/14)
buttonA hyper swift photo report of The XX (14th May @ Daikanyama Unit) is delivered from Terumi Fukano.(5/15)
buttonTakumi's one of most favorite bands from Osaka, Hey-Smith(14 @ Osaka Big Cat) reached to the final night of their tour with a new album, "14-Fourteen-", visiting almost 50 cities all over in Japan which started in January and Takumi witness the excitement of the show of this brass rock band with his camera. The result of it, his photo report, is posted. Naoaki covered a show of a TV personality, Jay Kabira (14th May @ Shibuya B.Y.G) supported by a duo of Santara. It appears that Jay Kabira is a wonderful entertainer with a great taste of music and the audience did enjoy him singing and tap-dancing as well as usual talking! (5/16)
buttonA week after Haruichiban, the longest running annual open-air festivals in Osaka, Humbert Humbert (9th May @ Kobe Club Gessekai) was captured again by Hiroshi Maeda. The duo will be appearing in a tribute concert to Msato Tomobe, one of the legendary singer & songwriters, @ Shimokitazawa Garden on the 23rd, but the tickets are sold out....(5/17)
buttonA unit called Kanina based in Oasaka has been organizing an event called Ten Minutes After(27th Apr. @ Kitahorie Club Vijon) and Hiroshi covered the latest show feat. Urbansole, Aureole, Calmera & Kanina and sent us his photo reports.(5/19)
buttonEmi Wakatsuki based in London drove down to Brighton in Sussex to cover The Great Escape Festival(13th to 15th May) which has become her annual work since the 2nd time round in 2007. There are hundreds bands and artists playing there and it seems Emi decided to cover mainly up and coming talents such as Let's Buy Happiness from New Castle who will be appearing @ John Peel Stage of the Glastonbury Festival this year. There will be lots more reports coming up... (5/20)
buttonFor the special feature of The Great Escape Festival(13th to 15th May), Emi added her photo reports of The Dodos & Goldheart Assembly. The Dodos is a folk rock trio from San Francisco and, according to their My Space, their next show is @ Bonnaroo Music Festival on the 10th of June. London based Goldheart Assembly is on tour now in the UK and playing @ The Cluny, New Castle tonight. (5/21)
buttonToru Suguta based in Fukuoka covered a festival called BEA presents F-X 2010 (15th May @ F-X 2010 in Uminaka Kaihin Koen, Fukuoka) and did a shooting of Hawaiian6 & The Back Horn. The both photo reports are posted.(5/23)
buttonThere are 4 more photo reports delivered from Emi and added to the special feature of The Great Escape Festival(13th to 15th May). Now we have these in the list now. Danish band, Choir of Young Believers, Finish folk punk duo, Jaakko & Jay, an Icelandic post rock, For A Minor Reflection and Mancunian Delphic played @ Summer Sonic last year.(5/24)
buttonAgain for the special feature of The Great Escape Festival(13th to 15th May), Emi sent us her photo report of a French rock band, Revolver, who appeared to be pretty big there as there were full on French people at the venue, she said...(5/26)
buttonA neo psychedelic Hige has been organizing a series of a show under a banner of "9mm long Hige & Nico's Asshole" with a guest band monthly for 3 months and Naoaki Okamura covered one (23rd May @ Akasaka Blitz) which featured Ogre You Asshole along with Hige(5/30)
buttonToru Suguta's photo report of Comeback My Daughters (16th May @ F-X 2010 in Uminaka Kaihin Koen, Fukuoka) is posted.(5/31)
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intro (JPN) feat. Let's Buy Happiness, The Dodos, Goldheart Assembly, Choir of Young Believers, Jaakko & Jay, For A Minor Reflection, Delphic, Revolver...and more (13th to 15th May in Brighton)-->MySpace
24th Apr. @ Sakaihigashi Goith / 21st Mar. @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC / 27th Feb. @ Koshigaya Easygoings / 13th Feb. @ Sakaihigashi Goith-->MySpace
Japan Nite US tour 2010
Japan Nite US tour 2010
feat. Chatmonchy, Omodaka, Red Bacteria Vacuum, Okamoto's, Jinny Oops!(21st Mar. @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC)
14th May @ Daikanyama Unit)-->MySpace / iTunes
10th May @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)-->My Space / iTunes
Bill Laswell Presents Tokyo Rotation 4 feat. DJ KrushToshinori Kondo & Hideo Yamaki
Bill Laswell
8th May @ Shinjuku Pit Inn-->My Space / iTunes
7th May @ Kawaguchi Lilia Hall-->iTunes
7th May @ Kawaguchi Lilia Hall-->iTunes
24th Apr. @ Shimokitazawa Garden-->MySpace / iTunes
Being There(23rd Apr. @ Zepp Tokyo / 22nd Apr. @ Osaka Big Cat)"-->MySpace / iTunes
21st Apr. @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London)-->Myspace / iTunes

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