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"Discoursing aplenty on futures for themselves and you"

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Towers Of London

      "But I know... You're in suspicion... You're a liar..." Far from that in readily acknowledging their rolling in impressive Pistols, Clash, Libertines and Guns 'N' Roses influences, Towers Of London's tight, yet loose quintet viscerally strike their own immediate, distinctive deep cord that'll duly place them in the rock 'n' roll/punk landscape for eternity. With their 'Blood, Sweat And Towers' debut this year sending them around the world at a furious pace, guitarist Dirk Tourette shared a couple minutes post their full-on Tokyo closer in Club Quattro the following afternoon. In the Tokyu Excel Hotel, Dirk elaborated on firsts, motivations, kingdoms and cinema:

-Air guitar, an instinctual pleasure of many. What was your first one to nail?

DT : Um (smiling)...I dunno, probably, (chuckling) The Stones..."Start Me Up."

-- So what keeps you motivated?

DT : Hmmm... What keeps me motivated? ...Ah, me band. That's it. Nothing else really fucking matters. Could a give a fuck about anything else, simple as that really.

Towers Of London -- Well, in this land where a monarchy still manages to thrive as does in yours, what English kingdom would best suit Towers?

DT : Ah, well, I'd say it'd have to be Harry, Prince Harry. He's just it man (grinning wide assuredly).

-- You guys are obviously massive Clash fans, so lifting off 'Janie Jones,' what do Towers' gotta do?

DT : Write hits mate. Just keep going on and doing our thing. That's simply it.

-- So for a film. Who'd play you all? And the topic and you know, so forth?

DT : Ah...Well Tarantino would have to direct for sure of course. Me? ...Brad Pitt(beaming cheekily).

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Interview and photo of Gary Bredow by michael

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